Diving Itineraries

Diving Itineraries

Diving in Misool Eco resort– a remote resort accessible by a domestic flight and then a long boat ride where you will be heralded by pink dolphins. Swim with jellyfish in a crater lake and see cave paintings.

Raja Ampat

is one of the places where you can see stingrays, most of Mantas have a white belly, but in Raja Ampat you can also find Black Mantas, completely black top and bottom, this type of Black Mantas are endemic to this area! In Raja Ampat (if you’re lucky!) You can see Mantas all year, but from October to April, when large numbers of this amazing creatures arrive attracted by the high concentration of plankton and nutrients at this time of year is common see them jumping out of the water! But if you want the highest probability of sight of this beautiful animal then from October to April we can find them in the cleaning station; Manta Sandy, 15 meters in anticipation of a small wrasse cleaning parasites. At this time of year is not just for Mantas, we have very high meeting Devil Rays in the channel between the island and Gam Friwin, and in particular in our House Reef! They are usually in groups of six, and they love to swim back and what allowed us to have a long look at them. Urbane Nomads offers luxury diving trips based on luxuriously-outfitted phinisis, or traditional Indonesian vessels.
Participating in the

Sardine run

Sardine run- a natural phenomenon that is observed from late May to the end of July at the south-eastern coast of South Africa, where huge shoals of sardines (or rather the South African sardine Sardinops sagax) spawn in cool waters off Cape Agulhas, sailing north along the coast of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal after Durban and go into the ocean. The event is popular among fans of diving and snorkeling.
Millions of fish are beginning to move along with the movement of cold water masses north of Cape Agulhas to the coast of Mozambique and then east into the Indian Ocean. It is estimated that the biomass of sardines progress can be compared with the great wildebeest migration in East Africa. On the nature of the phenomenon, little is known. It is assumed to start migration temperature should fall below 21 ° C. And if that does not happen, cold water sardines remain cool southern waters, as happened in 2003.

The Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands came into mainstream consciousness after a video documenting men in loin cloth shooting arrows at a helicopter on a mission to find survivors after the Asian tsunami was released. ‘Discovered’ by Jacques Cousteau and the inhabitants described as a ‘dog-headed people’ by Marco Polo, the latter believed to have never set foot on the island, the Andamans have come under scrutiny lately for its human safaris. Nevertheless, there are resorts which offer the remote pleasures of its beaches with eco-tourism as its main draw. Photographs of high-profile guests swimming with the resident elephant Rajan have made its internet rounds, inspiring many to aspire to come here.


On the eastern African coast, there is Djibouti, where one is able to dive with whale sharks from October to February.