Horseriding Itineraries

Horseriding safaris

Imagine riding together with migrating zebras, antelopes and gazelles. A safari on horseback gives you remarkable insight to the animal kingdom that cannot be compared with anything else in Africa. You can partake in a horseriding safari in parts of Kenya and Tanzania and Botswana, with its unique eco-system, has very good operations for horseriding safaris as well. Luxury horse-riding trips enhance the safari game viewing experience as you can closely see the vast range of animals and even further you reach them in their natural environment.

Riding through Chyulu hills and vast undulating plains, you will go through manyatta (villages) of the Masai nomads who keep the game, considered by them to “God’s cattle.” Some ascents will reach 2580 meters, thus providing breathtaking views and distant views. And while you wild of these views, the team fast forward to establish camp in a lovely spot and have dinner and a warm shower, ready for your arrival. They also monitored throughout the night filled with sounds to keep wild animals away.

Horse-riding trips in Latin America

There are many top-notch estancias, quite a few with the Relais y Chateaux tag, offering excellent gastronomic options on top of quality horses and polo playing trips in Argentina. For those so inclined, there are also multi-day challenging crossings of the Andes on horseback

Top Argentinian polo pros and quality horses are not available only in the regions of Salta in Argentina, known as horse country in this land of gauchos and legendary horses. Traveling up to Patagonia, you would also be able to find working farms, albeit in a tad less luxurious surroundings, where you can take polo and riding instruction amidst the natural beauty of Patagonia. Lush gardens full of flowers and courtyards with splashing fountains, intimate dinners in the formal dining room, decorated with inherited family silverware and antique crystal and guest rooms with floors creaked, decorated with carved beds from the seventeenth century.

The days for a lazy shady porches while sipping national drink Pisco. The riders will want to ride horses and explore the hilly area of the property on the ranch horses that are cousins of Austrian lipitsanski horses first brought into Europe by the Moors and subsequently brought to South America by the conquistadors.

Argentina is the spiritual mecca of polo and locals claim that no one play polo as Argentinians do. Many come on an annual pilgrimage for the Argentine Open. Two teams of 8 polo ponies transforms every ranch into a destination for wealthy amateur players from around the world accompanied by some of the top-billed pros in the world. We arrange for access to glamorous after-parties as well as instruction on polo farms on the fringe of Buenos Aires.

Mongolia remains one of the last places synonymous with riding without fences

Mongolia is a large country and its name is quite popular. For the country but in the world we know little. Most people associate Mongolia endless plains and steppes. To a large extent this is true, but does not exhaust the true nature of this exciting Asian country. Here is a great empire flourished on Genghis Khan and some European nations such as Bulgarians come from the lands of present-day Mongolia.
There are many places in Mongolia with breathtaking view and are literally inaccessible. However, luxury horse riding trip is still one of the best ways to discover this distant country. You can sleep in remote and excluded areas of the world and to enjoy the peace and tranquility that offers the lonely expanse of Mongolia.

Riding through Transylvanian forests

In Europe we offer horse-riding trips in Transylvania. Travel back in time with luxury horse trip to Transylvania. Vast area surrounded by mountains leave you to the mysterious Romania. Riding crossways green pastures, while weaving in and out of the haystack, climbing vertical mountains for a magnificent view and experience the incredible adventures in Romania on a luxury horse riding trip.

Icelandic horses

Not forgetting the uniquely-gaited Icelandic horses, we offer horseriding trips either as convenient day trips from Reykjavik or as ambitious, more intense multi-day trips across Iceland.