Expedition Itineraries

Expedition Itineraries

Many a historic expedition has served as inspiration for modern adventurers and expeditioners. The below are some of the more significant ones:

Epic voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton from 100 years ago is recreated.

On 10 February 2013,the expedition Shackleton Epic, designed to recreate the original Shackleton expedition, was completed.The head of the expedition was Tim Jarvis. The aim of the expedition was to recreate the epic voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton and with it to mark the 100th anniversary of his journey and to honor his legacy.

Among the obstacles that faced Tim Jarvis and his team were: 8-foot waves, strong wind speed of 50 knots, insomnia, dehydration, constant humidity of clothes and piercing cold Antarctic.Despite the difficulties, however, Tim said: “It was epic, really epic, arrived in Stromness, although the weather was very bad, and our chances to succeed – small.”

North Pole – journey to the top of the world

Only a century ago, no one has reached 90 degrees north latitude. Today the North Pole, a place had caught the imagination of generations of researchers, is a tourist destination, rarely visited and officially part of Norway. Sailing from the mountain, constrained by heavy ice Norwegian island of Spitsbergen or from Murmansk, the northernmost point of Russia, special nuclear icebreakers overcome constantly changing panorama of wind-polished ice of the Arctic basin, moving at speeds up to 20 knots. Ship series of lectures and presentations reinforce the days when the sun never sets, and passengers remain vigilant for the views of polar bears, seals, walruses and Arctic birds. Inflatable boats and helicopters expeditionary use of intelligence, which is essential for navigating the icebreaker, and also to give passengers a chance to get to know the area intimately. When the ship reaches 90 degrees north latitude, he finds a suitable place for anchoring places drawbridge (ice permitting) and allows passengers to disembark to walk around, barbecue, and really reckless, quickly plunge into the Arctic Sea.

While today the North Pole has become a playground for many luxury polar adventurers, innovations continue to lead the way for cutting edge expeditions in the North Pole, amongst which include an expedition conducted by Russian submarines. We see the continued hand of politics in expeditions, with the Russian act of planting Russian flags on the seabed prompting a reaction in diplomatic circles: “This isn’t the 15th century,”  Canada’s foreign minister, Peter Mc Kay said: “You can’t go around the world and just plant flags and say, ‘We’re claiming this territory.’ ”. Wikileaks adds to the intrigue by suggesting the North Pole as a new frontier for the cold war.

Urbane Nomads also offers trips to Greenland, in expedition form, for some exotic heli-skiing or simply as an adventure traveler. Greenland is the capital for dog sledding and the trip would combine very well with a luxury trip to Iceland.