Hunting Itineraries

Luxury hunting itineraries

Thanks to the watchful gaze, speed, mind and easy training falcons for centuries have been used for hunting. Once it was necessary for the survival of humans. Today falconry is primarily a spectacular and quite luxury entertainment.
Probably hunting with birds came to Europe from the Asian steppes with nomadic tribes. Nomads used trained falcons for hunting. There is really another version in which falconry has originated and evolved in what is now Ukraine, becoming a true phenomenon of the interaction between birds and humans. Nowadays Luxury hunting itineraries are closely connected with cultural hunting itineraries.
Wide open spaces in the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia are making traditional hunting of animals almost impossible, so local Kazakh hunters have developed amazing symbiosis with the golden eagles that inhabit these lands and hunt game for them. Today Kazakh area is one of the most attractive luxury hunting itineraries on the east. Mixture of cultural inheriting and traditions has turn out these magnificent fields to be the main cultural and luxury tourism attraction.

Luxury hunting itineraries: the San Bushmen in Botswana

Bushmen are an ethnic group living in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, and are considered to be indigenous to the Kalahari Desert. In fact the official name of the group is San, but is also known as Hve Hohe and Basarva. Bushmen culture is traditionally hunter-gatherers, and during the hunting they use British Sign special communication system. Traditional Bushmen hunting areas are today used mainly for high quality luxury hunting. Magnificent areas full of game attract hunters from all over the word.

Luxury hunting itineraries: Tanzania and New Zealand. Sport hunting is offered in countries like Tanzania and New Zealand

Tanzania is an interesting tourist country with well-developed infrastructure and one of the African countries where hunting is legal.
Luxury hunting in Tanzania is a well established industry and a major source of revenue for large areas of the country. Today, Tanzania is one of the most popular and rich in game hunting countries. Responsible hunting, which means male-only, no endangered species like African elephants are to be hunted, no hunting during mating season, it has been argued, helps fund conservation efforts and incentivizes the co-existence between local farmers and the animals.
New Zealand is considered the paradise of luxury hunting. Specificity of the area provides very good conditions for sports and luxury hunt. Heli-transfers to hunting areas is possible in New Zealand and many of the other hunting destinations we offer.