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Luxury Cruise Itineraries

While most associate cruises with leisurely, all-inclusive pursuits, the cruises offered by Urbane Nomads is more of an expeditionary nature with a luxury bent. Think going through the tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon while dining on world-famous Peruvian gastronomy or going to Papua New Guinea on a phinisi or exploring parts of West Africa otherwise impossible to access in luxury.

Sailing on the Mekong River – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam share the ancient and modern history of war and French colonial influence, but it is the Mekong River that connects them, in many places divided geographically, passing in large part on the Lao border with Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, then in Cambodia and Vietnam and flowing into the South China Sea.

The river was once the main water artery of Angkorian Empire and remains the ubiquitous symbol  of Indochina, along which all thriving major cities have been built. Today the eternal shores of the Mekong and its fertile fields are dotted with Angkor temples and forgotten villages.

Luxury cruises on the Mekong aboard beautiful rice barges reappropriated into luxury vessels with cabins outfitted with all the mod cons  – provide a fascinating voyage and a glimpse into little visited Lao sections of the river, visible from the painted wooden deck that has a tempting charm of a large veranda. Aqua expedition cruises in Mekong, repeating the same successful formula of the aqua expeditions in the Peruvian amazon with menus designed by award winning chefs, sleek design and a bar. The luxury Aqua expedition vessels provide you with both cultural experiences in serious style.  You could enjoy a cocktail bar with a menu designed by 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore, a secret bar based in Singapore considered one of the best bars in the world. 28 HKS, which, from the outside,  looks like a 60s shop facade but inside, through a veil of thick theatre curtains, seats 60 people. And it’s not one of those seating-room only joints. The bar encourages a few standees to ‘keep things lively’. You might feel you’re in the know just to have found the bar. The food menu is designed by David Thompson of the multi-award winning Nahm in Bangkok.

On the Laotian end, you will encounter the temple “Wat Phu”, which is before Angkorian Empire, roaring waterfalls of Phapheng (the largest in Southeast Asia) and 4,000 islands scattered along the lower reaches of the Mekong near the Cambodian border.

Silversea cruises to Antarctica and parts of Africa

The latest trend in the increasingly exotic destinations now is Silversea cruises with its cruises to Antarctica and parts of Africa. Despite the crisis, the new trend now inspires fans of luxury and exotic traveling. People who are looking for new and diverse adventures.

Silversea helps you to ride the shores of the icy continent. Luxury cruise boat drop you for a few hours on shore, assure pleasant walk and took you back to the ship to return to the mainland. These ships use only human navigation. The area is not well populated and there are no ports suitable for big cruise ships. Transportation from and to the cruiser is insured by a rubber boat type “Zodiac”. Ships stop at 1-1.5 km from the coast and with these boats do land on the coast. Tourists are wearing special costumes, to insure comfort and reduce the risk from freezing.

Each both pick up 8-10 people and go to the coast. Last 4-5 meters tourists need to walk on foot, waded into the icy waters. Boats cannot go until the end. Lightly dampen cause them to walk about an hour, during which time a picture with penguins, seals and back. This happens usually in December when is the summer period in Antarctica. The sun sets only geometrically, but is light all night.

In to the depths of Papua New Guinea – adventure cruises become more accessible in luxury.
Full name of the country is the Independent State of Papua – New Guinea. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and occupies the eastern part of the island of New Guinea and nearby islands, the Bismarck Archipelago, the northern part of the Solomon Islands, the islands D’Antrkasto and more than 200 small islands. The total area is 462.8 thousand. Square kilometers. Borders with Indonesia – 840 km, and has a coastline 7,260 km.

Today riverside villages are so unique in their customs and artistic traditions that many collectors consider Sepik Basin as one of the best sources in the world of primitive art. Unlike mountain tribes of Papua New Guinea, who express themselves by drawing on the face and body contacts the proud inhabitants of the Sepik to the spirit world is by carving them – their sacred houses of spirits tambaran decorated with intricately carved wooden pillars and pediments are living museums of tribal past. Trips on the river are possible with expedition ship “Sepik Spirit”.