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“Les circuits d’Urbane Nomads s’apparentent à de véritables immersions dans la culture locale : campement mobile à dos de cheval en Tanzanie, safari à pied accompagné par des guerriers de Laikipia dans le nord du Kenya, hébergement à la belle étoile pour une expérience 100 % « Out of Africa ».”

Sibylle Grandchamp, Madame Figaro

Luxury Safaris

Luxury safaris in private game reserves, horseriding in the Serengeti and exploring the new frontier of luxury tourism in Northern Kenya. True to the philosophy of Urbane Nomads, eschewing mass tourism for experiences off the beaten track, characterized by luxury, leveraging on on-the-ground contacts and offering rarefied, unusual interpretations to the typical getaway.

Instead of having the sound of machinery get in the way of exploring the area, guests return to the intimacy of walking the earth, led by experienced local warriors. There are no electrical generators(or even electrical outlets, save for a solar-powered unit at the main lodge) back at camp. Instead, all the romance of being in tented accommodations come to live as the camp is lit solely by candlelight and gas lamps at night. Visitors instead find themselves hosted by Samburu warriors and learn methods of survival in the wild.

The theme of private safaris also extends to the Serengeti, where Urbane Nomads explores new frontiers of luxury by offering spa treatments in the bush, safaris in private game reserves and horseback safaris in mobile tented camps- the latest byword in luxury safari experiences.

Urbane Nomads is also sussing out polo opportunities in remote northern Kenya but currently offers horseback riding safaris amongst game in private reserves in the Serengeti as well as Kenya.

Horseback safaris- offered in Kenya, the Serengeti in Tanzania (the first of its kind, through mobile tented safaris) and Botswana, offer a unique vantage point for viewing game, allowing you to get closer to the game than would otherwise have been possible.

The African safari being one of the most romanticized trips in the travel lexicon, Urbane Nomads offers intrepid (and romantic) travel moments- from nights spent on star beds, gazing up to star-filled skies with nothing between you and the skies but your duvet and a desultory mosquito net, private candlelit dinners in the bush, spa treatments (almost literally) in the bush, nights spent in romantic luxury tents done up in lavish Persian carpets, hunting chairs and antique furniture that’d come to personify the luxurious safari expeditions of old. Should you decide to have a destination wedding, look no further than the Ngorongoro Crater, a setting that is positively Harry Potter-esque come sunrise and sunset. Urbane Nomads is able to arrange for luxurious destination weddings in East Africa- from boma-styled houses, Swahili bridesmaids and Maasai men singing against the backdrop of the Ngorongoro crater, a perfect blend of romance and the intrepid nature of a safari.

You could opt to end your safari on the Swahili coast of Kenya, in atmospheric old Lamu town or to the Lamu-influenced Msambweni House, where guests arriving in the middle of the night are treated to an Orientalist fantasy of an entryway lit only by candlelight , flanked by a welcoming djellaba-clad staff bearing fresh cold towels and where every meal is personally tailored to the clients’ preferences. One of the best combinations of bespoke luxury, cultural destinations and beach retreats we’d ever encountered, Msambweni House couches luxury within a cultural context and an understanding of what its safari-loving demographic needs at the end of an eventful safari. Zanzibar, or islands off it, famous for its melodious strain of Swahili and a name with a cache that’s hard to beat- provides an equally luxurious ending to your safari.

Urbane Nomads’ interpretations of a ‘safari’ stretches as far as a heli-safari to Lake Turkana(one of the settings for ‘The Constant Gardener’), gorilla trekking in Rwanda or a trip to Mahale by Lake Tanganyika- one of the last settings to see chimpanzees in the wilderness. True to our cred of exploring remote places in ‘as much luxury as possible’, the combination of remoteness with luxury is often a balance that is felt, nowhere as keenly as on a safari. Luxury comes in the form of pristine lakes, languid sun-drenched afternoons popping fresh sashimi, interesting wildlife encounters back at your luxury lodge…

Neither is Urbane Nomads’ interpretation of a luxury safari constrained by geographic boundaries, ranging from the traditional African safari to an elephant-back safari in a lodge in Nepal, a tiger safari in India or a leopard safari in Sri Lanka. Facilitating the most luxurious camps and lodges en route (but always, suggesting the more ‘authentic’ and intrepid accommodation option of tented accommodation over a typical lodge whenever the choice presents itself), these Asian luxury safaris present alternatives to the safari enthusiast, or, alternatively, a suitably tantalizing introduction to the safari experience.

The tiger safaris of India- taking place over many days (and where the journey is as part of the experience as the destination) , the early-morning tiger sightings in misty forests through the relatively secure vantage points of an elephant back in Nepal or the lesser-known leopard safaris of Sri Lanka- all conducted in true Urbane Nomads style of luxury-in-remote places are just some of the Asian safaris on offer.