Tracing Ancient Caravan Routes, Afghanistan
Tracing Ancient Caravan Routes, Afghanistan

Afghanistan | Tracing Ancient Caravan Routes

Trace the ancient caravan route from the capital city of Kabul to Balk (Bactria). Passing through Bamiyan Valley (where the Buddhas of Bamiyan were located), take a day trip to the lakes of Band-i-Amir, dubbed by Time Magazine as being “among the world’s least visited yet most dramatic natural wonders”, that also went on to describe the lakes as being “preternaturally pristine” and possessing a “blueness of indescribably intensity” before heading back over the Shibar Pass in the direction of the Hindu Kush, Mazar-i-Sharif and Balkh. Then turn back south through the Salang Tunnel and return to Kabul. From Kabul take a round trip by air to Herat. It’s difficult to co-ordinate a luxury trip to Afghanistan in the traditional sense of the word but if it’s local connections that you’re looking for, with unparalleled access to significant sites, then Urbane Nomads would be the company to contact. Download PDF for Afghanistan | Tracing Ancient Caravan Routes for more details on the itinerary.

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