Aquila Style – The Luxury Of Travelling to Remote Places

Aquila Style
Are you an adventurous girl looking for an exciting trip? Have online booking sites fell short in providing amazing ones? Then check out Urbane Nomads: a luxury travel company seeking to deliver memorable experiences rather than simply a plane ticket and a hotel reservation. Founder Hajar Ali from Singapore, a lively woman who enjoys travel with a different flavour, said that the idea for Urbane Nomads came from her own experience. “The idea for Urbane Nomads was conceived during my trip to Patagonia where I thought of a travel company specialising in luxury travel to remote places, conducting the kind of trips that I would go on myself. This is a company that started in an age when most travel bookings are made online, without an agent in the picture. Urbane Nomads was conceptualised for trips and experiences that can’t be booked online.” If you have booked vacations online, as I recently did while planning my next December vacation, you will know that it can be a frustrating process. First, one has to check prices across several sites, where the difference can vary greatly. Then, if one is not familiar with the country, it is very easy to book a hotel or trip that won’t meet your expectations. Furthermore, mainstream travel agencies are often staffed with people who are rarely familiar with the trips they sell. Thus, an agency like Urbane Nomads can help ensure that you get what you expect. For example, Urbane Nomads offers a $18,700 itinerary for two to Peru, Bolivia and Chile for 22 days. In this trip, travellers visit Cuzco and the site of Machu Picchu (Peru), La Paz (Bolivia) and La Patagonia (Chile), among others. The package includes domestic transfers, tours, accommodation and some meals. Whereas the price is quite high even for travellers who live in high-income countries, Hajar says her company offers “trips incorporating off-the-beaten-track elements”. Another advantage is peace of mind, guidance and expertise from travellers who know their destinations well.

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