Blissful Brides July 2009

Blissful Brides July 2009

Off the Beaten Path

For something more unusual, Hajar Ali, founder of Urbane Nomads which specialises in personalised travel itineraries, says, “Try the lesser known cruises such as those in Indonesia, travelling to the islands of Borneo to visit the Asmat tribes, famous both for their handicrafts and woodwork as well as for their headhunting practices, which have continued till relatively recently”

On Safari

Fancy walking with warriors and eating honey from hives? Urbane Nomads’ Hajar Ali recommends Northern Kenya, which whilst having less wildlife, is similarly characterised by private reserves and game grounds. “The emphasis here is more on the culture of the local people. Safaris are led, not on jeeps but instead feature walking with warriors, learning how to make fire, and learning to distinguish between the tracks and sounds of the different animals”