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Hoosta Magazine May ’09

Style Travel for the Modern Urban Nomads

Hoosta Magazine May ’09 | Style Travel for the Modern Urban Nomads: Hajar is the founder of Urbane Nomads, a luxury travel company that introduces the idea of “travel mixology”. The itineraries, created along a particular theme or interest, revolving around a particular myth or local lore or centred around a festival, seeks to provide an alternative experience to the typical , or expected, experience. While most itineraries pair a visit to the Khmer complex of Angkor Wat with Vietnam, Urbane Nomads pairs a visit to Angkor Wat with Indonesia so guests begin to understand the trajectory of political influence in the region. While logistically, Bhutan works well with India or Nepal, Urbane Nomads pairs the secret kingdom of Bhutan with the much-less visited Burmese Himalayas in a journey that reconciles remoteness, inaccessibility and the beauty of less-trodden paths.

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