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In Transit Blog | New York Times | September 21, 2009

Diving the Great Wall

Speaking of long hikes, people who travel to the Great Wall of China often do so to walk as much of its 5,500 miles as they can manage. But now it’s possible to see part of the ancient structure from a different perspective: through goggles. It seems that part of the Wall is actually underwater — submerged under a lake since the 1980s — and according to the travel site Gadling, a tour company called Urbane Nomads is now arranging dive tours to this previously hard to reach spot. According to Gadling, “Guides will carry your gear to the submerged portion of the Wall and direct you to the coolest underwater spots, where you’ll see ‘Ming-era stone carvings, some intricate tunnels and a tight-squeeze guard tower.’” The “Diving the Great Wall” package includes two dives at the site plus more exclusive activities, like a guided tour to the unrestored parts of the Forbidden City, usually off-limits to tourists, says the site.

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