India | The Andaman Islands

India | The Andaman Islands:

On a luxury cruise through the Andaman Islands, recently propelled into the mainstream consciousness, post-tsunami, through video footage of tribes shooting at rescue boats with bows and arrows. Whilst this indirectly introduces the debate on the ethics of tourism into the area, this cruise itinerary combines visits to some of the islands in an area associated with pristine beaches, gin-clear waters and lush inland forests- the epitomy of the modern day paradise, with excellent diving opportunities. The areas visited (or rather, not visited) are in line with efforts to protect the lifestyles of the indigenous people of the area. The Andaman Islands present one of the more unexpected, deliciously under-the-radar aspects of luxury adventure travel to India. Jacques Cousteau’s film, ‘The Invisible Islands’ details the underwater life of the Andamans, the pristine nature of its waters and rich marine population. One of the last untouched frontiers for diving today and a beach life with its own unique characteristics, the inaccessible Andamans is interesting both for diving and a relaxed beach getaway. Download PDF for India | The Andaman Islands for more details on the itinerary.

Price: USD 8020

pp on double occupancy. Based on 12 pax going. Prices indicative only.

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