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JC Report January 2009

Urbane Nomads’ niche travel mixology

Fancy flying in a jet over Antarctica, exploring Tokyo’s hidden clubs, ice trekking in Patagonia, observing reindeer herders in Mongolia or taking an architectural tour of Brazil? Thanks to Singapore-based Urbane Nomads, now you can. This unique travel company bases its unusual trips on “travel mixology” to shake up the world of conventional tourism. Even in today’s economy, Urbane Nomads have found a travel niche: people still want to spend on travel, but now want to “seek out experiences that are edifying.” There is a growing market for meaningful adventures, rather than brief, trophy getaways. Urbane Nomads offer this opportunity, organizing beautifully themed journeys around your desires and preferences. The company prides itself on mixing select design accommodation with unusual modes of transport, to give discerning travelers a new range of experiences. Each scholar-led tour allows you to immerse yourself in the place you are visiting, without sacrificing the important comforts. Urbane Nomad may take you off the beaten path, but they will give you a new sense of discovery. To book a trip or check out their array of travel itineraries, go to www.urbanenomads.com. —Candice Rafferty

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