Lebanon | Glorious Ruins of the Levant

Lebanon | Glorious Ruins of the Levant An itinerary combining the ruins of Palmyra, Baalbek and Petra. A suitable introduction for those interested in the archaeological and historical elements of the Levant. A cultural itinerary through Lebanon, Syria and Jordan that starts with a luxury trip to Lebanon. Stay in the best boutique hotels and appreciate the sophistication of Beirut – its architecture, dining and entertaining options, before travelling through the Levant for an intimation of its history. Note: In view of the current situation in Syria, this itinerary can be tweaked to combine Jordan and Egypt, specifically targeting the archaeology and history of the two countries. Download PDF for Lebanon | Glorious Ruins of the Levant for more details on the itinerary.

Price: USD 8500

pp on double occupancy. Prices indicative only.

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