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Luxury Insider | August 12th 2009

Live Like Kublai Khan for USD 2million

Alternative luxury travel group, Urbane Nomads presents what is touted as the “World’s Most Luxurious Trip” – a hunting trip modeled after the hunting expeditions of Kublai Khan, which takes adventure seekers from Beijing to Mongolia. Cleverly weaving in exotic pursuits such as equestrianism, falconry and hunting, the Nomads will be launching this all-new itinerary at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) on 30 September 2009. Unlike the usual exotic getaway, this one comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of at least USD2 million. The tour guides include the likes of an award-winning filmmaker and the eagle hunters of Bayan Olgii. While you take your shot at eagle hunting, a famous painter and falconer (who counts as patrons HM Queen Elizabeth II and members of gulf royal families) will capture your memories via an oil painting. Urbane Nomads assures travelers the best experience possible as they jet around being serviced by a private chef, butler, and specialist guides.

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