Ultra Luxury Safari Kenya

Ultra Luxury Safari Kenya

  Ultra Luxury Safari Kenya : “En Afrique Les circuits d’Urbane Nomads s’apparentent à de véritables immersions dans la culture locale : campement mobile à dos de cheval en Tanzanie, safari à pied accompagné par des guerriers de Laikipia dans le nord du Kenya, hébergement à la belle étoile pour une expérience 100 % « Out of Africa ».”~

Sibylle Grandchamp, Madame Figaro

Luxury Safari to  Kenya with Urbane Nomads involves the best luxury African safari lodges, private reserves, superstar guides and heli-transfers to remote places. Karen Blixen, populous game, the enchantment of the colonialists. The progenitor of the colonial safari aesthetic that was to influence generations of safari resorts worldwide, the Masai Mara, with its colourful backdrop and ethnic wear continues, till today, as the personification of safari chic. The post-elections violence and its iconic images of the machete-wielding protesters- even though it’s not affected the main tourists routes, has affected tourism in Kenya. Whilst the Masai Mara is the first thing people think of when contemplating a safari in Kenya, it’s Northern Kenya, which Urbane Nomads would recommend for those who’d already done their first safari and would like to venture beyond ticking off a list of ‘the Big Five’. Remote Northern Kenya leads the way in responsible tourism, with a safari model bordering almost on the experimental. Urbane Nomads had sussed out opportunities for polo in remote Northern Kenya (an idea still under development) and offers culture-based safaris, walking safaris with warriors, sleeping under the stars(with nothing between you and the skies but your duvet and a mosquito net) in luxury and private camps. Refer here for some of our sample African itineraries:   Photo Courtesy of Lemarti’s Camp and Kevin Forbes/Vivian Foster.

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