Luxury tours to Antarctica

Luxury Travel Antarctica

Luxury Travel Antarctica

 Luxury Travel Antarctica : Eschew that 14-day cruise and hop on a jet straight to Antarctica. Headed for a destination quixotically termed ‘Unknown International Airport’, this 5 and a half hour flight sees you traversing the Southern Ocean to finally land in Antarctica, which receives 24 hours sunshine during the summer months. Landing on a specially prepared ice runway, greeted upon disembarkation and led to heated camps with spectacular views where you will be based over the next few days- simultaneously test your limits and revel in the lap of luxury over the next few days in a destination that has become synonymous with the far reaches of the world. From learning the skills of a polar explorer (or breaking a few world records) to being treated to fresh seafood and barbecued steaks, you know you’d be signing up for one of the most memorable trips of your life. Arriving in Antarctica by private jet, partaking of gourmet food, meetings with polar explorers- the makings of a superlative trip to Antarctica with Urbane Nomads. We’re particularly known for our luxury adventure travel trips and this trip to Antarctica is one of our several unique takes on off-the-beaten track luxury.  

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