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“The itineraries, created along a particular theme or interest, revolving around a particular myth or local lore or centred around a festival, seeks to provide an alternative experience to the typical , or expected, experience. While logistically, Bhutan works well with India, Thailand or Nepal, Urbane Nomads pairs the secret kingdom of Bhutan with the much-less visited Burmese Himalayas in a journey that reconciles remoteness, inaccessibility and the beauty of less-trodden paths.”~

Hoosta Magazine

Luxury travel Bhutan: We’ve heard of its PR friendly initiatives- the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, the selectiveness in the visa application process and governmental concerns with ‘Gross National Happiness’ and the introduction of luxury resorts; all contributing to a very primal pursuit of something inherently desirable made all the more so from the imposition of artificial restrictions. ‘Luxury travel’ and Bhutan have become synonymous, with Bhutan topping the list of the most desirable, exotic-luxury getaway with the opening of headliner institutions like the various installations of Amankora and the Uma Paro- both doing much for the standing of Bhutan’s ‘low impact, high quality’ tagline. Contrary to the rough-it-out karmic sensibilities of the unattainable Himalayas in the 80’s, the baby boomer generation, wont to have its creature comforts and luxurious mod-cons have now made Bhutan its new, albeit luxurious, Shangri-la. While Thimphu is the capital, the main entry point for tourists is Paro- probably one of the prettiest airports anywhere on earth. Sustainable tourism and a higher order of living seems to be de riguer in this living personification of Shangri-la- plastic bags are banned, people still weave their own cloth and archery is still a widely favoured national sport. Urbane Nomads is also able to arrange for a Bhutanese-style wedding in a remote 14th century palace, accessible by an hour-long trek or a horseride. Private travel through Bhutan with Urbane Nomads is marked by cultural interactions- from astrologers to monks, photographers to the casual youth in the main towns .Accommodations can vary from the Amankora to the new luxury boutique hotels as well as camping whilst on treks for those keen to explore areas of Bhutan few venture to. Alternatively, go on a photography tour led by some of the best photographers in Bhutan. One of the most scenic places on earth by virtue of its exclusivity, natural settings and traditional way of living, the tour brings you to places and events characterised primed for maximum photography opportunities. Luxury travel in Bhutan, as offered by Urbane Nomads, is all about privileged access. Private tours that involve a private candle-lit dinner in a dzong, a spectacular ceremony illustrating the Buddhist concept of impermanence re-created for you- and, most luxuriously of all, the serendipitous discovery as you encounter the odd tsechu in one of the more remote locations we’d take you through during your trip to Bhutan. . Photos courtesy of Amankora.

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