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Luxury travel Botswana : A safari is one of the most exciting trips anyone can take and ¬†Botswana leads the contemporary luxury safari scene with its top independent safari lodges. From the remote Makgadikgadi pans to the Botswana Kalahari (explore three ends of the Kalahari with us, travelling to the South African, Botswana and Namibian end of the Kalahari), experiencing some of the most interesting landscapes and culture to be found in Africa. From the highly-regarded Mombo Camp to Abu Camp- two favourites amongst the safari cognoscenti, to the legendary Jack’s Camp, it is not difficult to see that the elites of the safari scene are indeed, here, in Botswana.

This country is a great destination that combines perfectly with other countries in the region. The tours of Botswana necessitate a lot of wildlife appreciation and you will get to see a lot of animals up close. There are many experiences -both during the safari drives during the day or experiences recounted by the campfire and dinner table at night, that will amaze you that it will be hard for you to decide which one was the most memorable.

Take a riding safari through Botswana, glide on a mokoro through the iconic Okavango Delta before ending the trip on a luxury steamship in Zambia. That Botswana offers such a diverse landscape and variety of activities, attracting the most colourful characters on the safari scene all adds to its allure. From quad biking the Makgadikgadi pans to playing with meerkats, riding African elephants in top lodges to mokoro trips, a luxury safari to Botswana holds a lot of cache for the most discerning safari afficionados.

The guides are trained professionals that know the area very well and will always be on the lookout for anything. A good camera is a must and it is not unknown for the guides in the more well-established camps, to be able to advise you on the most advantageous times and settings to get the most out of your camera.

Waking up on safari is one of the most amazing experiences when you’re in a well-designed camp. At Mombo, for example, you’d be able to gaze at wildlife right from your bathroom- for the indoor-outdoor dichotomy has been so skilfully balanced in the architecture of this luxury lodge. A large part of a luxury safari to Botswana or anywhere in Africa would be the excellent gastronomic options and the cuisine in Botswana’s top luxury lodges do not disappoint- from the sophistication of Mombo and Abu to the inventiveness of Jack’s Camp in the Makgadikgadi, you’ll find yourself amazed by the resourcefulness and the quality of the food.

Whilst Botswana is famous for its top luxury lodges, what draws these top luxury lodges and star guides to Botswana is the abundant game and landscape of Botswana. The area around Mombo has been described as an Eden in terms of game-viewing. There are plenty of small, niche luxury lodges that we, at Urbane Nomads can suggest for your safari to Botswana depending on your interests and safari style.

The Chobe river is an amazing place to see some animals in their daily activities and you might even get to see some predatory action if you are lucky. The Botswana tourist attractions are some of the best places that you can visit in the world and you can be sure that your experience will be like nothing you have ever done before.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Polizza.

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