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Luxury Travel Brazil : Remember to leave your apprehensions behind upon deciding to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s loudest cidade (Portuguese for city). Luxury travel to Brazil entails a combination of luxury hotels, luxury cruises to the Amazon, and the best guides and insider access to get you to parts of B2azil overlooked by the casual visitor. It’s not just the Carnaval which will lure you either, for Rio has equally famous landmarks like the Copacabana and the Ipanema beaches, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, or the daunting favelas (City of God, anyone?) It’s a city that draws its appeal probably more than any other in the whole of South America. Brazilian culture is best exemplified by this bustling metropolis; the exuberant cheers when playing or watching futebol (obviously their national game), extreme partying and beaching at its finest, and the proximity of natural beauty (with the picturesque Guanaraba Bay as the backdrop) around Rio all add up to fully experiencing almost everything Brazil has to offer. Having said that, we know you will come to visit Rio mainly for the Brazilian Carnival, a hedonist’s paradise accenting on fireworks, the Samba Schools, and people from all walks of life living it up and dancing away in abandon. You can dress however gaudily (or skimpily) as you want, with the unwritten law that dictates what is peculiar is otherwise in Rio. Travelling in luxury with Urbane Nomads through Rio for the Carnaval also means insider, privileged access. Snag the best seats in the Sambadromo or actually get into the thick of the action by participating in the Carnaval (in full costume!) For football fanatics, drop by the Maracanã stadium, once the world’s biggest football arena.kOne of the most renowned places in football annals, the Maracanã was one of the old stamping grounds of Pele, and visiting the stadium is a must for everyone, football fan or not.   The luxury boutique hotel scene has finally caught on in Rio- stay in style at the new Fasano Rio, walking distance to Ipanema beach and a design style so whimsical it reminds you of the adapatability of this Paulistan bastion of taste. For the casual observer of Rio, there are few modern designer hotels in the city with the exception of the new addition of the Fasano in Rio. To this end, we’ve included in our selection of luxury accommodation, new properties that have gained the attent)on of the beau monde but are virtually secret addresses to the casual observer of Rio. La Suite and La Maison are well-decorated boutique properties.   Should you be confident enough of your Portuguese, do opt to rent the private properties- the luxury penthouse in Rio comes with its own private pool and a terrace with views of Rio’s distinctive landmarks – the Sugarloaf Mountain and Ipanema beach. Niemeyer House was designed, eponymously by Brazil’s most famous architect (an architectural tour of his works in Brazil is available) and is set in Rio’s Jardim Botanico. Whilst neither of these private properties are for the first time visitor or non-Portuguese speaking individuals nor those who’d need the services and facilities of a hotel, the trade-off is almost non-consequential given the exclusivity of your very own private pool and designer penthouse in Rio or the experience of staying in a house with such architectural pedigree. While the idea of luxury to Brazilians differ depending on where you go- be it an idyllic walk on the beach, dinner in a secluded area that makes up one of Rio’s best-kept secret and then living it up cariocan style in Santa Teresa, the best in shopping, gastronomy and accommodations Paulistan style or an exclusive journey down the Amazon in a luxury private cruise, luxury travel in Brazil as offered by Urbane Nomads defined taste and privileged access, whether it be the Rio Carnaval, an artistic take on the typical favela tour or cruising down the Amazon in style on a private cruise. Retreats on private island with high-end villas accessible only by helicopter-transfers or pantaneiro horseback trips based in the lodges of Pantanal heiresses– Urbane Nomads’ luxury trips to Brazil are catered to your specific interests and needs. We provide specialist guides for clients with niche interests, such as design and architecture tours of Brazil or gastronomy , adventure sports or shopping. Continue your tour of Brazil through Bahia, the state with a fascinating history and culture; Paraty, the peaceful hideaway on Costa Verde and the cosmopolitan charms of Sao Paolo.   The purveyor of high-end trips, Urbane Nomads offers luxury travel to Brazil, designing very detailed itineraries taking into account clients’ interests, whilst facilitating stellar on-the-ground contacts and know-how to offer memorable travel experiences.

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