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Ultra Luxury Travel  Cambodia | Cambodia Luxury Travel and Tours

“Urbane Nomads offer earthy experiences such as cutting through lush countryside in an ox cart to hunt for hidden temples or taking a helicopter to secret spots. Approaching the jungle from the air is unforgettable. After you arrive deep within the folds of greenery, your guide will set up a luxury tent while a private chef cooks local delicacies.”

Poorna Shetty, Sphere, Orient-Express Magazine.

Whilst the glorious Angkor Wat is the main attraction for travelers to Cambodia, Urbane Nomads is also offering trips to less-gloriously restored(and thus, less tourist-laden) spots within Siem Reap. Luxury travelers to Cambodia might have been promised a way to see the Angkor Wat in relative privacy- by being there early morning perhaps, or accompanied by guides who know the trends of tourist movement within the complex. This could be arranged by Urbane Nomads but we’re similarly interested in showcasing the lesser-known temples around Cambodia. Explore the lesser known spots of Beng Melea- a temple in the jungle requiring some physical dexterity to navigate, or ride an ox cart operated by the local communities around the ‘hidden temples’ of Cambodia- Koh Ker, Preah Vihear and Preah Kahn. Luxury travel to Cambodia with Urbane Nomads might include a private dinner by the Angkor Wat or a spa treatment by the royal bathing pool of Sras Srang, but true to the adventurous streak of our trips, we’d also take you on trips (with more adventure and as much luxury as possible) to the lesser known temples, either as a day trip by helicopter, “ut more memorably where you’d camp overnight, accompanied by your own private guide and chef- to wake up at sunset surrounded by the spectacular ruins- a setting that makes for a truly unforgettable moment during your trip to Cambodia. Creative, original routes are also a trademark of a journey with Urbane Nomads- something we offer in our itinerary selection to Cambodia. You could end your temple-hunting in the lapse of luxury in an idyllic luxury safari-style camp, crossing the border of Thailand. Set amongst the dramatic hues of paddy fields in a quiet setting punctuated only by the sounds of nature, the sleek colonial aesthetic of the tent underlines a luxury that includes your own private jacuzzi pool inside the tent- surely a great ending perhaps to a more adventurous strain of a honeymoon? Or trace the trajectory of Khmer influence by travelling to Java in Indonesia, definitely an unusual trip combination but which brilliantly illustrates the reaches (and trajectory) of Khmer influence. Explore too, the ‘lost arts’ of the Khmer kingdom, from attempts at reconstructing Khmer cuisine to the ‘lost’ martial art of bokator to the fascinating brand of Khmer jazz. Urbane Nomads combines luxury tours to Cambodia with a healthy dose of curiosity and inquisitiveness of its particular destination, seeking to create itineraries that highlight not only, the luxury hotels and accommodation (which we see as being the basic requisite to every trip but only as the staging grounds for a much bigger adventure) but also by taking risks in offering less common (or never-been-done as we know it) itinerary combinations that are seamless in the particular aspect of the destinations it seeks to highlight. As with most of our other destinations, luxury hotels are a feature of your trip to Cambodia, at least whilst based in the main towns of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Siem Reap , inundated though it might be, by run-of-the-mill, anonymous hotels is increasingly seeing a range of deluxe, boutique hotels. The Amansara in Siem Reap, for example- the headliner entry on the luxury hotel scene in Cambodia, was the holiday home for Prince Norodom Sihanouk and has today been renovated by Kerry Hill to showcase the streamline mid-century modern aesthetics of the villa. Guests are whisked from their entry point in Cambodia in Prince Sihanouk’s own vintage black Mercedes. An elegant library and a dining room that was once the Prince’s private theatre as well as an uber-luxe spa set around an ancient tree are hallmarks of the Aman group’s superlative touches. Cambodia, of course, has much to offer in terms of quaint boutique hotels– from one-room-only hotels to private suites overlooking beautiful gardens. New entries to the luxury hotel scene in Cambodia are constantly being made- from a design-centric hotel in Phnom Penh to a mid-century villa channeling Van Molyvann, Cambodia’s premier name in architecture and pupil of Mies van der Rohe on the coast of Cambodia. Urbane Nomads offers private tours of Cambodia, with luxury tours focused on the Angkor Wat as well as part of a larger Indochina itinerary.  We believe in infusing an element of the adventurous and less-trodden to any itinerary. Do contact us if you’d like us to customize an itinerary for you.  To see if you agree with our approach, here’s a  sample itinerary showcasing  luxury travel to Cambodia involving luxury camps and remote Khmer temples. Photos Courtesy of Amansara.

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