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“This year’s jaw-dropping adventure is the Dive The Great Wall trip. Most people consider themselves lucky if they get to walk on the Great Wall of China. A select few might view it from the air, but only the elite adventurer gets to dive the Great Wall. Urbane Nomads’ Dive The Wall Expedition is a SCUBA tour of a section of the Great Wall of China in Hebei province, which was submerged when the Luanhe River was dammed to create a reservoir in the 1980s. ‘Scuba sherpas will suit you up, take you to the exact spot where the wall dips underwater and guide you to its most dive-worthy parts. Once submerged, you’ll come across a few Ming-era stone carvings, some intricate tunnels and a tight-squeeze guard tower.’ The day is concluded with dinner in a restaurant overlooking the moat of the Forbidden City and a night spent at the trendy Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski, where you get to view the Great Wall of China for the final time from the comfort of a luxury villa.”

Ethan D. Spears, Singapore Airlines’ Priority Magazine

This Chinese capital- home to the diplomatically-fraught 2008 Olympics and the famous Great Wall of China has often been overlooked by tourists keen on its more glamorous, cosmopolitan counterpart, Shanghai. Being the administrative and political centre, however, Beijing has formed the background of much of China’s significant political events- from Tiananmen Square, an icon of youthful rebellion to the excellent, disciplined performers of the Beijing Opera House- both places tangential to Chen Kaige’s film,’Farewell My Concubine’*. Enjoy a spot of Peking Opera and imagine the same kind of commitment to the art 200 years ago (with the difference, of course, being that women today are allowed to perform onstage) and wake up early the next morning to witness an ancient heaven-worshipping ceremony. Probably as a direct result of the Olympics, Beijing has an impressive array of boutique hotels and leads the way in the luxury design hotel scene in China. From hip-design hotels Hotel G and The Opposite House to atmospheric courtyard home conversions in the hutongs, the architectural statement that is Commune By The Great Wall to the Aman group’s first Chinese outpost- The Aman By The Summer Palace, luxury travellers to China have a good range of hotels to choose from. Beijing too, is the staging grounds for your adventure to Mongolia. Be based at the luxurious Park Hyatt Beijing, explore the secret hutongs that Beijing is famous for before continuing through to Northern Mongolia in a land coinciding with an area identified as Shambhala in ancient Buddhist scripture. For architecture lovers, end your stay in the Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski, a spectacular and ambitious project commissioned to the best architectural names in the region. While Beijing personifies ancient, regal Chinese culture, contemporary Shanghai, meanwhile, reflects the more cosmopolitan influences of the city- from the French concession area or the chic Xintiandi area, the latter promising to add to China’s total hip-hotel count, with a Super Potato-hotel by Jumeirah in the works. The Jumeirah Xintiandi, the newly opened PuLi Shanghai and Urbn, the city’s first design-centric boutique hotel as well as the Park Hyatt Shanghai, the grand doyenne on the designer luxury hotel scene would, collectively, even out the score with the more advanced boutique hotel scene in Beijing. The flea market in Shanghai- a veritable institution unto itself, is a pleasant way to spend a morning during the weekend. Vendors selling Chinese memorabilia, suitably reproduced to reflect an aged patina and exquisite, dramatic opera jackets gather at the flea market with as much intention of socializing (with each other and visitors alike) as they do to sell their wares. The Yunnan area, too, presents more than just luxurious accommodations- hotel conversions replete in history, benefiting from spectacular natural surroundings, represent another part of China- possibly a version more closely resembling a ‘China’ in the mind of visitor than the urban skyscrapers of Beijing or the cosmopolitan charms of Shanghai. Urbane Nomads creates itineraries that combine the Yunnan area with the rest of the itinerary in China (through the first luxury train in China, time permitting) or with Singapore as a gateway to Yunnan. Urbane Nomads offers luxury travel in China, combining an acute understanding of social and political undercurrents in both modern and ancient day China with knowledge of the latest developments on the luxury travel scene. Let us take you to Beijing, where we’d provide private access to a part of the great wall away from the tourist masses. Urbane Nomads will be testing the limits of accessibility by taking you to Kashgar, a hard core Central Asia destination sited at the foot of the Tian An Mountains. Or travel through Urumqi , Turpan and Xian as part of a larger Central Asian itinerary that combines capital cities with monikers as dreamy as Samarkand and Bukhara, Ashgabat and Khiva… The luxury of these trips would be the mode of train travel, a form of travel associated with luxury and a gentility lost in today’s world increasingly caught up with a trophy, weekend getaway. Luxury travel in China is culminated with a stay in a boutique hotel where you get to experience first hand, the unique fusion of oriental culture with opulent modern day comfort. Luxury guides and modes of transportation that expertly navigate you around the multi-layers of this complex, historied country, allowing for an excellent introduction to this country. Consistently with its ear on the ground as to the developments in the luxury travel scene, Urbane Nomads constantly susses out the newest in terms of luxury travel solutions- the newest luxury boutique hotel openings in the hutongs, private vineyard-cum-hotels in dusty towns more known for its history than any particular availability of luxury hotels and much-anticipated openings of luxury trains. The importance of a relaxing break at the end of a hectic travel schedule is not lost on the people at Urbane Nomads- we’d arrange for you to luxuriate in one of, if not possibly, the best luxury villas in China during your stay. Compliment this with early morning private yoga sessions on the Great Wall of China, accessible through a hidden path that we’d personally recce’d for you- surely the makings of a suitably luxurious trip to China! We create high-end bespoke trips showcasing our connections and insider knowledge of the latest developments in high end travel in China- from intimate courtyard home conversions to luxurious wine estates, private access to monuments (for example, parts of the Forbidden City normally closed off to the public) as well as meetings with interesting personalities. Our luxury adventure trips in China range from an Underwater Dive of the Great Wall to luxury camping on the Tibetan plateau. *Farewell My Concubine’ is a film reflecting the political turmoils of communist China and revolves around the lives (and loves) of two Peking Opera stars and the woman who comes between them.   Photo Courtesy of Andi Braun & Emile Spaanbroek.

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