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Luxury Travel Dubai,  Abu Dhabi

Luxury Travel  Dubai , Abu Dhabi | Dubai + Abu Dhabi Luxury Travel and Tours

” The Experts: Two key travel players reveal their hot destinations for this season. My autumn destination of choice is also in the Middle East: Rub Al’Khali or Empty Quarter, the vast desert in the Arabian Peninsula. It is best done as a luxury camping expedition. Being nowhere is the new luxury. In the Empty Quarters you feel you are communing with nothingness, communing with God even.”

Hajar Ali, interviewed by Jonathan Bastable, Conde Nast Traveller

In a city characterised by luxury and excess, Urbane Nomads’ definition of a luxury tour (or response to all this luxury and excess) to Dubai isn’t characterized by even greater luxury but rather an interpretation that’s refreshingly pared-down and takes you away from all the excess characterizing Dubai. For first-timers or transitory stays, it could start at the wonderfully chic Park Hyatt Dubai, oozing luxury in pared-down, contemporary terms or a getaway to a hotel with some 300 horses (and 4 polo fields!) , creating a trip that feels other-worldly and almost sub-urban Dubai without missing out on any of the shopping in downtown Dubai should you so feel the need to partake of the one activity that the Gulf state is known for. Luxury is about being able to get away from it all- on your own terms. This could mean time away in the luxury malls that Dubai is famous for mid-afternoon, some campy fun dining in the Burj Al-Arab by early evening, before returning for a relaxing post-dinner drinks back at your hotel. Or do as the locals do and take to the desert- riding spectacular Arab horses that the Middle East is so famous for, trying your hand at falconeering whilst based at one of the top luxury tented accommodations in the desert, possibly anywhere in the world. As we’d arranged our itineraries, Dubai is hardly ever the destination and frequently the transitory point for a larger adventure- en route to Oman, for example, into the Empty Quarter a la Wilfred Thesiger, or Iran, to trace its various mighty civilisations. For trips with Dubai as a destination unto itself, we recommend short getaways to Oman, Abu Dhabi (and increasingly, Ras-Al Khaimah as the infrastructure for luxury tourism increases) and definitely, the desert that remains a stunning effort in conservation in the area. Luxury travel to Dubai could also consist of a larger cruise itinerary, with Dubai being one of the stopovers. Dubai figures brilliantly as a stopover of a larger regional itinerary and Urbane Nomads offers specially-arranged, private luxury tours of Dubai, tailored to the clients’ interests. Private tours combining shopping and gourmet experiences will be designed according to specifications. All Urbane Nomads tours are private, with the exception of our scheduled departure trips(as indicated). Our itineraries to Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be found here: To customize an itinerary, please contact us.

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