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Luxury Travel Egypt : Cafes; whether they are establishments with long list of well-known habitués and fashionable new ones, are an essential feature of Cairene life. Meetings with Egyptian intellectuals, exciting new artists and photographers- our trips to Egypt continue the Urbane Nomads’ philosophy of providing access to the ‘local’ scene. Luxury camping in Egypt’s White Desert, luxury cruising on the Nile, talks led by famous Egyptologists- Egypt, drawing in and enchanting the masses for its rich history and culture, is interpreted quite differently by Urbane Nomads. Egypt, before the unfortunate turn in political events, has had that stronghold and lure for adventure seeking travellers. Long associated with the mysterious East and tantalizing many an intrepid adventurer for its exotic connotations and history, a luxury trip to Egypt now will not be able to ignore recent political events. At Urbane Nomads, we seek an understanding of Egypt’s recent history as well as its ancient past. Travellers will visit not just Egypt’s well-known pyramids but also its cafes, known for its intelligentsia as well as sites associated with the upheaval that was the precursor for the Arab Spring. A ‘treasure house of antiquity’, the awe-inspiring nature of Egypt can be experienced under the ‘tutelage’ of an accompanying Egyptologist as you explore ancient pyramids, float down the Nile river in a dahabiyeh, walk through the Valley of the Kings, go kitesurfing in an emerging and increasingly popular spot in the kitesurfing world, dive through wreckage and explore the Siwa Oasis while experiencing the pared down luxury of the Adrere Amellal, a worthy development for the way that it has kept a traditional building style sustainable and indeed, fashionable, in an era of rapid modernization. A dahabiyeh, Arabic for golden, is a sailboat on the shores of the Nile. Find yourself in a fabulously restored but un-motorized luxury dahabiyeh, passing by 3000-year old temples while feasting on zucchini soup, locally caught fish and guava sorbet washed down with karkady (hibiscus tea)   Photo Courtesy of Nicole N.

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