Ultra Luxury Travel Ethiopia

Landlocked in the northeast of the African continent, Ethiopia might not be on the radar of most luxury travellers. However, this land of endless mysteries offers a unique adventure so different from its African counterparts with a more developed infrastructure for tourism. Ethiopia has been blessed with the most dramatic features- from its great plateaus, moorlands, and arid lowlands that are home to hundreds of fascinating fauna and flora. Thus, it has been justifiably labelled as one of the most physically and biologically diverse places in the world! With a fascinating history and culture inexorably linked to Biblical times, Ethiopia till today, has a unique script and functions on its own calendar and time. Urbane Nomads crafts journeys to Ethiopia that pairs and intriguing combination of rugged adventure and suitable luxury, historical sites and contemporary culture evident in its vibrant, uniquely Ethiopian jazz scene as well as the arts and gastronomy options. From Lalibela , the holiest city in Ethiopia with its fascinating complex of underground churches and where there are churches accessible only by climbing a 15m rope. Be transported back in time as you weave through hidden crypts in these medieval churches and dimly lit passageways that was carved from solid granite over a thousand years ago. This is a city that was once intended to be the New Jerusalem, and is today a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of the country’s Orthodox Christians. The extreme heat and dust of the Danakil Depression, described by National Geographic as ‘the land that the Devil plowed’ is offset by the unbelievable colours and scapes of the sulphur lakes. The depression is on the northern part of the Afar Triangle with the hottest temperature on earth because it can be found right on a geographical fault within the Great Rift Valley, at the Horn of Africa. The Danakil Desert is almost inhabitable to the survival of living creatures with the exception of the Afar people who have developed an ability to adapt and survive as they have done for hundreds of years. The Afars, a renowned warrior tribe who still sharpen their teeth and amongst whom killing a man from another tribe used to constitute a test of suitability for marriage. The Danakil Depression is also home to Erta Ale. You will be awe-struck by its radical yet majestic beauty that has continuously erupted since the late 1960s. As temperatures plunge by evening, an overnight stay will treat visitors to some amazing views. The Omo Valley is inhabited by over 200,000 tribal people and has some of the most fascinating tribes in the world. The diversity of tribes- the most famous amongst them being the Mursis with their lip-plates and facial decoration and ornaments, is reflected in the equally diverse rituals and sartorial styles. Most life in the Omo Valley depend greatly on the grand Omo River and it empties into Lake Turkana which is has been declared a World Heritage site. Options for luxury travel in Ethiopia is very limited but what Urbane Nomads has done to distinguish ourselves is through our network of connections in East Africa- facilitating access and introductions the independent travelers would not otherwise have access to. Urbane Nomads offers the luxury of combining the best North and South- what would take most travelers conceivably a month to see, within a more reasonable timeframe and in much great comfort and luxury, via our helicopter transfers. Depending on your interests, you can be connected to lion conservationists, safari guides and those in the arts scene during your trip. Photo credit: Hajar Ali/Urbane Nomads

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