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Luxury Travel India: Commonly prefixed with words like “princely”, “royal” and “majestic”, Rajasthan gives the impression of being vividly larger than life, calling to mind grand histories and magnificent landmarks. Indeed, the vivacity of the state and its colors and spaces are things that have been eagerly and repeatedly captured by photographer-storytellers the world over (the most critically-acclaimed probably being Pauline van Lynden’s “Rajasthan”). Luxury is a mainstay of Indian hospitality and the country is replete with world-class luxury hotels- historic havelis, luxurious fort conversions as well as the luxury India-based chains such as the Oberoi and Taj. Rajasthan features as one of the main highlights of any trip to India, frequently seen as a culmination of much of India’s regal history and wealth. Any luxury trip to India feels incomplete without a trip to Rajasthan, staying in its luxury fort conversions and taking in the various sights that India has to offer. Rajasthan has a wealth of tourist sights, in no small part encouraged by the government’s efforts to improve the industry over the recent years. In the capital of Jaipur (also popularly known as the Pink City from the time when it painted most of its buildings pink to welcome Queen Elizabeth II), there is the spectacular Palace of Winds, Hawa Mahal, the Amber Fort complex, renowned for its beautiful harmony of Hindu and Muslim architecture, as well as the Jaigarh Fort, from which gorgeously picturesque views of the Aravalli mountain range (one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges) can be enjoyed. The luxury take to a tour of India is, in large part, your mode of transportation as well. There is that iconic ad by the luxury hotel chain that invokes- ‘Of course you’ll be staying with the Maharaja- you’re his guest!’, a tagline inserted against the dramatic backdrop of a fully liveried chauffeur driven limousine. Those looking to partake of train travel in India will find an ultra-luxury version as offered by Urbane Nomads, where guests are accompanied by their own private butler who’d lay your bed and make sure that your personal toiletries are in stock. We could even ensure that your stay is personally hosted- literally- by the Maharaja, staying in his own personal holiday home. Bespoke solutions include horseback safaris escorted by Indian royalty, romantic camps in less-trodden corners of tourist-weary Rajasthan, spectacular views of the Taj Mahal from the suite in the Oberoi Amarvilas or a polo match in the lawn of a private home during polo season- inspired takes and luxuries that are certainly the hallmarks of an ultra high-end trip to India! Remote luxury- one of the mainstays of a trip with Urbane Nomads to most (if not all) our destinations is presented as a few days’ break in India in a remote Himalayan outpost. Ridiculously difficult to get to ( part of the experience, of course), a trip here rounds off a visit to India nicely. The Indian safari- capitalizing on India’s famed tiger population also offers new benchmarks in luxury with the opening of the & Beyond-Taj outposts. Here, once again, the experience is in the journey- what with some place requiring a good three days to get there. Staying in quaint, undiscovered boutique hotels along the way as well as some of the most stunning lodges in Asia, the quest for the Indian safari, quite unlike its African counterpart (with all the delightful stories of buzzing airstrips) focuses on the journey as much as it does on the destination.

diving elephant, India
Swimming with elephants in the Andaman

Combining our insider knowledge to allow for meetings with the most interesting personalities, stays in luxurious lodges and resorts whilst allowing for the serendipitous encounter- we tailor our trips to India to allow for a balance between luxurious cosseting and adventurous discovery facilitated by our team of guides and local personages in India. There are pockets of India which remain untouristy – the remote Indian Himalayas where the temperatures go down to -30 discounting wind chill or the Andamans, one the most storied remote places on the planet. Pictured here is the famous swimming elephant, Rajan.

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