Ultra Luxury Travel Indonesia

Ultra Luxury Travel Indonesia

Ultra Luxury Travel Indonesia

Luxury travel Indonesia: As anyone aspiring to join the Traveler’s Century Club would be able to tell you, Bali is of a sufficiently unique composition either ‘geographically, politically or ethnologically’ from its parent to qualify as a distinct entry on the Traveler’s Club list of countries. With a largely Hindu population, a frequent sight on the island of Bali would be the offerings made on its beaches, the shrines in the houses and local restaurants and dances and performances containing frequent throwbacks to the Hindu culture and religion. From performances thrown for tourists to the smell of jasmine blossoms from the local populace’s offerings to the island’s gods to the various temples and shrines that make up the landscape of Bali- it is this distinct religious practice with the intertwining of the island’s blessed natural beauty that makes Bali such a popular tourist destination.

From Bali’s high-end, luxury villas- which of course, informed the architectural and decor tastes of many an early luxury traveller to Bali to the many dining and entertainment options in Ubud, the gearing (some are of the opinion that it’s selling out) of the island towards tourism has made it the quin4essential tourism success story of Indonesia.

Shopping is a feature of Bali- from the many Balinese wooden furniture that dot the island, serving tourists looking to bring a piece of Bali (ome to upscale boutiques carrying luxury versions of Balinese handicrafts and, for the serious shopper, the random roadside boutiques retailing exquisite Balinese batiks and handmade Balinese lace (or krawang ), Bali is predisposed towards the visitor looking to squeeze in a bit of shopping during their visit. A bespoke shopping itinerary can be designed for you on your luxury tour of Bali.

Enjoy a day on the beach, take surfing lessons, go horseriding on the beach and along the sacred Tanah Lot temple, take a ride on an ATV around the paddy fields or do what almost everybody else seems to be doing on the beach and take up private surfing lessons.

For Bali veterans or those looking for more exclusivity than any boutique hotel can offer, look towards the private villas available in our portfolio. Located in private residential estates, it’skthe best way to live like a local, albeit a fashionable one. More information on the villas can be accessed here. Urbane Nomads also offers destination weddings in Bali in luxury villas on the island.

For the latest byword in luxury, Urbane Nomads offers private jet access- arrive in your private jet, through a separate arrival terminal, complimented by a 24 hour concierge service.

Extend your holiday to Bali with a visit to the island of Moyo. Fly in using either a floatplane, a 52-seater plane or a helicopter to the luxury tented resort of Amanwana. Take advantage of the locality, which offers some of the best diving opportunities in the Indonesian archipelago, go night snorkelling on a guided tour of the local reefs or go on one of the cruises offered by the resort. For those looking to get away from Bali ( or a version of ‘Bali before it became Bali’), Lombok is frequently offered up as an alternative. Luxury boutique hotels having opened up in Lombok, sets the tone for the gentrification of the area- allowing guests a suitably luxurious base for a getaway from Bali. Those looking to venture even further from Bali- both in distance as well as atmosphere, might find it in Sumba- an island that is possibly the complete antithesis of Bali. With a commitment to keeping the island as far removed from Bali’s developed tourist infrastructure, the island of Sumba, steeped in its traditional practices that features elaborate burial rituals and an indigenous populace that still, till relatively contemporary times, still practiced headhunting, Sumba is an excellent introduction to the less glossy side of Indonesia.

We favoured less discovered destinations and culturally-rich destinations, done in as much style as possible. Do refer to our sample itineraries online for an idea on how we put our itineraries together.

If you’d like to see Indonesia in style,experiencing its diversity; from the culture associated with kratons in Yogyakarta to ancient temples of Borobudur and luxury cruising to the Komodo Islands,to retreats in in-the-know resorts in ridiculously remote places, do let us know what is important to you on a trip.

Note: There is a minimum number of nights required for private villa rentals, ranging from 2 nights in low seasons to 5-10 nights from high to peak season. Rates vary from low to peak season, with discounted rates available for longer term stays above 14 nights. Rates quoted on website are per night for peak season, subject to 10% tax and 5% service charge.


Photo Courtesy of Thaib Chaidar & Paul Lensen.