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Luxury Travel Iran

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Luxury Travel Iran

Luxury Travel Iran

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From the heartbreaking idealism of the Islamic Revolution- one whose beginnings enchanted Foucault enough to ponder the concept of a ‘political spirituality'( I can already hear the French laughing but I know that they are wrong.- What are the Iranians Dreaming About) to its quick disillusionment, the denial of its pre-Islamic civilizations to its place in the troika of rogue nations, to say that Iran has an interesting historical and geopolitical relevance would be an understatement.

Along with Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq- countries with a rich civilization and history, Iran is, today, one of the more challenging places to visit. A tour around Tehran feels like being caught in a time warp. Tehran’s top ‘luxury’ hotels are incarnations of the big hotel chains, the Sheratons, the Intercontinentals, albeit with a new Iranian name. Stepping into them is like stepping back to 1979, however, when all modern development ostensibly stood still.

In a country where the sexes are technically segregated, a day on the slopes of Dizin or one of the cafes in the uptown malls is a modern day reenactment of James C Scott’s model of everyday resistance- where courting couples mingle freely and boundaries on the ideas of acceptable women’s dress are continually being tested.

Urbane Nomads brings you through Iran- journeying through modern-day Tehran and exploring its Modern Art Museum, a spot of skiing in Dizin or traveling through its pre-Islamic civilizations in Esfahan and Yazd. For the more adventurous, take a ride on Turkomen horses- the progenitor of all hot-blooded horses in north- western Iran, venturing into an area that coincides with the Book of Genesis’ Garden of Eden.

Whilst Iran isn’t geared for luxury travel yet, not having much in the way of tourist infrastructure, we are certain that the wealth of its history and culture will make up for the lack of luxury tourism options.

Iran is a country where a stay in the available luxury hotels in the capital city of Tehran is akin to entering a time warp as most of its five-star luxury chains had been appropriated by the government post-Islamic revolution and had had its names changed (Laleh, Esteghlal and Azadi Hotels being one-time Hyatt, Sheraton and Hiltons).

Urbane Nomads’ idea of luxury travel to Iran isn’t so much characterized by luxury hotels as it is by insider access. Where possible, Urbane Nomads supplies expert guides to our clients travelling to Iran, serving as a conduit to interaction with the friendly and warm people of Iran- cited by many as reason enough to warrant a return!

Venturing into the old architecture of Yazd, the splendors of Esfahan, the enchanting Persepolis- wonders of a civilisation that our contemporaries can only manage a glimpse of, has enticed travelers bent on discovering the rich history and culture of Iran. Whilst independent, private travel of Iran has been the mode of travel by many an adventurous backpacker, Urbane Nomads now offers private tours of Iran in as much luxury as possible, combining boutique hotels with meeetings with interesting personalities and intellectuals (the latter subject to availability and travel schedules of our contacts).