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Ultra Luxury Travel Italy

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Luxury Travel Italy: It’s impossible to hate Italy. The land of magnificent buildings the work of painters and artists whose name are renowned till today. Beautiful scenery and equally famous food that has managed to please every palate are just some of the strong suits of this European country. From the Vatican in Rome to the Duomo in Milan, skiing in the Dolomites and Cinque Terre, the sweeping vistas of Tuscany- it is rare that the elements of fashion, nature, gastronomy and culture would come together so beautifully as in Italy. Explore the canals of Venice, shop in Rome and Milan, partake of the opera in the world-famous Da Scala and gaze at many a beautiful church. Luxury travelers to Italy will not find themselves short on accommodation options- from villas designed by Michaelangelo himself, a boutique hotel converted from Jean Paul Getty’s estate to many a converted palace in Venice and other parts of Southern Italy- there are very few places in the world where converted historical buildings are managed so beautifully. Closing off the Sistine Chapel for your exclusive use, art-oriented tours led by art historians, stays in the most gloriously restored private palazzos or villas designed by Michaelangelo- furthering the continuum of Urbane Nomads’ privileged access on our luxury tours, we’d now added Italy to our list of destinations offered. Justifiably renowned for its cultured refinements-  fashion, gourmet, food, art, architecture, Italy is also blessed in its natural beauty as its Adriatic and Amalfi coasts, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the beaches of Puglia and the magnificence of the Dolomites would attest to. Naples and Sicily are for those who have more time to explore Italy or those who’d already seen the more popular tourist spots. For Italy afficionados, there are places like Sassi di Matera, a UNESCO site that is courting a new breed of luxury travelers with a Design Hotel. Pompeii and Verona, famous and iconic to Italy but seldom visited by first-time visitors to Italy, are also on the cards for those with more time to spare. The emerging genre of agroturismo in Italy also opens up many new possibilities in terms of activities and accommodations. Italy is one of those places where you can be floating on a gondola in bearable winter conditions one day and end it with a spot of skiing the next. Based in refugios for a few nights or solely in stylishly designed ski cabins, the skiing experience in Italy can be tailored to your priorities and concerns – excellent skiing tracks or  the famous food and stylish accommodation. Whilst we offer the popular tourist options (with style and the luxury of privileged access), Urbane Nomads also takes you away from the main tourist spots.   Photo Courtesy of Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Hotel Cipriani and Belvedere Caruso.

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