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Ultra Luxury Travel Japan

Ultra Luxury Travel Japan
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Ultra Luxury Travel Japan | Japan Luxury Travel and Tours

Our take on Japan? An olfactory tour of Japan, from the incense of Shinto shrines to the boutiques of Comme des Garcons, spending the night in the subculture that make up the secret bars of Tokyo, a gourmet tour of Japan ranging from its most traditional sushi masters to avant-garde takes on the traditional kaiseki that has had Ferran Adria come-a-calling or an intriguing two-table minimalist restaurant that constitutes one of Tokyo’s most exclusive dining spots. Gourmet trips to Japan take you to intimate dining spots where foreigners are usually turned away. Itineraries are crafted around your interests, be it contemporary art, the Ama pearl divers or traditional kurakami prints. True to our luxury travel to remote and off-the-beaten trek tag, we’re looking to start offering heli-skiing as well as kite skiing in Japan as well as developing a comfortably-paced take on Japan’s walking pilgrimage route (otherwise known as the 88 Temple Pilgrimage) in Shikoku. Japan is famous for its arts scene and a trip to Japan for the arts enthusiast would be incomplete without at least a night’s stay on its art islands. From Yayoi Kusama’s iconic giant pumpkins to Ando Tadao’s architecture to imported institutions like ‘Les Archives du coeur’ which archives heartbeats of people worldwide, the art islands are worthy of at least a couple of days’ visit on a packed art enthusiasts’ itinerary.  Many of the museums and experiences in the art islands are never found in photographs, justifying a trip even for the most vicarious of travellers. The Benesse Art House hotel is an institution in its own right. Dinner at the Michelin-starred Terrace Restaurant is made all the more memorable with the views from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. For enthusiasts of the outdoors, Eastern Hokkaido offers plenty of opportunities and activities in both winter and summer. Whilst winter beckons with its oft-photographed winter cranes and the drift ice cruises, summer offers the possibility of seeing lavender fields, which, in full bloom, rival the splendour of Provence. Hokkaido deer, red foxes and brown bears, are some of the animals that you can trek with a guide cum naturalist on your trip to Hokkaido. Two-person boats take you to areas which cannot be accessed by larger boats, enhancing the feeling of discovery and adventure. For those looking to experience the smaller, boutique ryokans that you might have seen (somewhere) and have no idea how to piece together in an itinerary that would make logistical sense, let us do it for you. We love the idea of combining beautiful, independently-owned ryokans to create an itinerary that would suit your interests. The world of independent ryokans is a delightfully quixotic one that frequently require an expert hand to sort through the information and put together in a workable itinerary.    

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