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Luxury Travel Lebanon

Luxury Travel Lebanon

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“First, we had molecular cuisine, now the concept of travel is being repackaged by Urbane Nomads, a Singaporean travel company with a difference. Urbane Nomads seeks out the unique in every destination (and they seek out some pretty unique destinations too!) and bundle it with select accommodation and unusual travel modes. Take their eight-day trip to Lebanon, which combines visits to historical sites with a gourmand’s tour of Beirut’s finest restaurants and an after-hours itinerary to keep you hopping all night. The trip miraculously even includes a day on Lebanon’s ski slopes.”

East West Magazine

It is amazing to witness the dynamism and beauty of a city and the optimism of a people with a recent past as turbulent as Lebanon’s. A quintessentially Mediterranean country with a stunning skyline, lovely weather and literally, as the tourism board’s blurbs claim- the place to go skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon Luxury travel in Lebanon is becoming a possibility again, what with the new boutique hotel installations and the opening of Le Gray’s in Beirut. The luxury itinerary in Lebanon would combine the best hotel stays in the city with a possible spot of skiing in winter or stays by the beach in summer with dining in the city’s best restaurants and entertainment options, frequently demonstrating an architecture that double up as social commentary. It’s very easy to combine Lebanon and Syria and Urbane Nomads offers private luxury tours and itineraries combining the two countries. For the more ambitious (and those with more days to spare), the trip can continue onwards to Jordan and possibly Egypt, travelling through some areas romantically termed ‘the Levant’. Photo by Elizabeth Ayoub and Hajar Ali.

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