Ultra Luxury travel Morocco

Ultra Luxury Travel Morocco

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Luxury Travel Morocco :” This private trip takes you and your lady to exotic Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Sahara with top guides — whose clients include three past US presidents — to show you the sights. Accommodation includes the Amanjena and Royal Mansour in Marrakech.”

Xu Ci En, August Man

Marrakech- of ancient medresses, souks and pedestrianised winding alleys dotted by riads practicing the ‘architecture of the veil’. The Morocco of theatrical proportions- the hennaed feet of dancing girls, the guttural calls of negresses or the mysterious men behind the djellabas. Also the Morocco of the luxurious gated resorts and a tourist-centric entertainment scene featuring a medley so commercialised the locals laugh at you when you ask for directions. With a bewildering number of luxury riads in the medinas and the most luxurious villas in the La Palmeraie area, Marrakech (almost synonymous with any trip to Morocco), has a well-developed infrastructure for luxury tourism. It is possible to spend too many of your allocated vacation days in Marrakech, alternating between the Palmeraie and the medina with the dizzying High Atlas. We will arrange for a smart, sassy local to accompany you through the souks of Marrakech during your luxury trip to Morocco. She’d be able to point you in the direction of the best places to shop for caftans, babouches and home accents- refreshingly modern takes that you would be able to incorporate into your everyday life once you’re back home. Should you be taken by Moroccan cuisine as you are with its architecture and decor, take up a cooking class in Marrakech, a spa treatment in its hammams or squeeze in a spot of skiing during winter times. Drive through the jaw dropping beauty of the middle Atlas en route to Fez, spend a luxuriant few days doing-just-nothing aside from taking in the chilled seaside vibe in Essaouira or be true to your A-type personality by driving through the Sahara (or jetting down) to a luxury, remote Berber encampment in the Sahara desert. Morocco- one of the countries that the Sahara traverses through, is an enchanted place that has been welcoming for tourists. It offers the option of combining luxury camping in the Sahara with a stay in the Atlas Mountains after (or before) a spell of exotic luxury in Marrakech- elements to the trip appreciated by honeymooners as well as romantics, Morocco being one of the choice spots for a luxury honeymoon. Alternate your stay between that of the Medina and the more secluded La Palmeraie. Venture into the Toubkal mountains for a spot of skiing over the weekend. Fraternize with the locals at the weekend market. Have a home-cooked dinner or guiltily indulge in the shamelessly Orientalist trappings of high-end restaurants in the city. Beyond the usual cities of Marrakech, Fez, Essaouira (and- our recommendation- the Sahara as well as Ouarzazate), there’re also other Moroccan cities that are coming up on the radar of the luxury travel circuit. Tangiers, long the haunt of Beat poets- still littered with cafes where you can find men smoking kif, which today attracts an assortment of personalities like Bernard Henri-Levy and Roger Vivier who set up home in Tangier’s maze-like alleyways that would have you wondering if these Moroccan streets were the inspiration behind the dream-like architectural renderings in ‘Inception’. Whilst luxury travel in Morocco offers a sophisticated variety of luxury accommodations, Urbane Nomads designs private tours offering insider access to Morocco and interesting itineraries that combine the best of Morocco– the dizzying High Atlas Mountains, moments of solitude in the Sahara desert and the chic boites of Marrakech, bringing back the glamorous exoticism of Morocco during the era of Talitha Getty.   Photo Courtesy of Amanjena. 

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