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Luxury Travel Mozambique : Frequently overlooked for its flashier, more developed counterparts, Mozambique offers some of the best preserved natural settings in Africa- boasting some of the world’s top 10 best dive sites (with unbleached coral), the feel of clean sand under your toes and, with the relatively recent development of luxury boutique hotels and lodges- is now all set to lure a new breed of luxury travelers. Luxury holidays to Mozambique are becoming a lot more possible with a slew of spectacular luxury resorts and eco- getaways on remote islands. Urbane Nomads offers well-designed itineraries, either in concert with a safari in East Africa or on its own, to Mozambique. Many of these island lodges are still a schlep to get to, but, developed and maintained by conservationists, these lodges represent a fine model for responsible travel. Whilst tourism is not new to Mozambique, its smooth continuum has been interrupted by civil war, natural disasters and landmines. With more tourists than South Africa and Rhodesia combined before the wars (for independence in 1975 and a civil war that ended only in 1992), Mozambique is now re-developing itself for its own brand of luxury tourism, defined by a rustic charm than the polished sophistication of its neighbours. Available as an extension to your safari in East Africa, Mozambique is a perfect place to end it for beach lovers( snorkeling opportunities are aplenty and the Bazaruto archipelago especially boasts a unique ecosystem, which, due to its isolation, has been dubbed the Galapagos of Mozambique). Mozambique combines beautifully with an East African safari or on its own. Refer to our sample itinerary.     Photo Courtesy of Azura Mozambique.

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