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Ultra Luxury Travel New Zealand

New Zealand stands apart from the many other luxury travel destination. Its unique geographical position in the southern hemisphere and long isolation has resulted in a distinctive biodiversity thus allowing it to boast a great range of spectacular events and activities from hunting in superb tropical terrains to skiing in a vibrant alpine town. Horse-riding will be a particularly rewarding experience! New Zealand’s rich history is made richer with the unique Māori culture of the early Polynesian settlers. Luxury travel itineraries to New Zealand as designed by Urbane Nomads incorporates many active elements so synonymous with New Zealand – skiing, heli-skiing, exploration of glaciers, horse-riding and hunting. Advanced skiers and newcomers alike are spoilt for choice when it comes to skiing in New Zealand. Urbane Nomads can organize for kite-skiing, which has a dedicated following in New Zealand, on top of heli-skiing trips to remote lodges, paired with activities like hunting, fishing and glacier trekking. Sailing enthusiasts will also find that New Zealand does not disappoint. Horse-riding will be made into a whole new experience as you soak in the beautiful scenery while being captivated by legends and stories of a warrior tribe. Yours will be an exhilarating yet authentic journey as your guides are descendants of a paramount chief. For almost a week, you will ride along beautiful sand beaches; catch a glimpse of the ancient tribe’s lifestyle when you stay at the very same farm land, and also learn about the present inhabitant as you interact with them over meals to learn more about the history. Your trail will also be full of remarkable view and sightings; wild dolphins surfing in the waves, the magnificent Lake Spectacle and even the “New Zealand Christmas Tree”. A landscape filled with great terrains makes for a great hunting quest! Enjoy an exclusive hunt as you trek through one of New Zealand’s most unique native forest. Game include deer, pig goat and turkey. End the trip in style in one of New Zealand’s most spectacular villa settings with a heli-fishing adventure. It is worth noting that you will be sampling the cuisine that New Zealand is so justifiably famous for throughout much of your stay in New Zealand and Urbane Nomads will specifically choose your accommodation with this in mind. In main cities, we will make recommendations of the best restaurants and cafes for you to sample New Zealand cuisine and lifestyle. May it be an adventure in fresh virgin snow or an exciting horse trail; you will always be assured of the most sumptuous meal on your luxurious trip to New Zealand!

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