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” A desert stay may sound forbidding, but on a luxury-soaked journey of tented camps, elaborate Berber-styled setups and charismatic guides, framed by the splendour of an Omani sunset, there’re not many other places you’d rather be. For the literary minded, tracing the footsteps of Wilfred Thesiger, famed colonial explorer and travel writer, is an added draw on a trek through the Arabian Peninsula’s Empty Quarter. Urbane Nomads is a company that offers an itinerary for this area.”

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Oman, touted among punters as the ‘next Dubai’ could not be as far removed from its geographical cousin as a tourist destination. Luxury travel to Oman promises much in the way of stellar luxury hotels in enchanting natural surroundings- from the eco-conscious Six Senses hideaway Zighy Bay to the Chedi Oman. Testing the limits of accessibility Urbane Nomads-style, there’ll also be luxury camping in the Empty Quarters, where guests can contemplate the silence and remoteness of the area in luxury. Maintaining much of its culture and endowed with stunning natural landscapes, Oman’s intrinsic qualities and clever eschewing of crass, over-the-top iconic buildings in favour of tasteful establushments successfully distinguishes Oman from her more glittery cousin. Luxury travel in Oman takes on a different form, finding a closer parallel to Bhutan perhaps, than Dubai. Muscat’s luxury accommodation options include the sublimely chic Chedi Muscat and the more family-friendly Shangri-la Barr al Jissah. These luxury hotels, though, are only the staging grounds for a greater adventure ahead- a Wilfred Thesiger-styled venture into the Empty Quarters, perhaps, or the more accessible Wahiba Sands. Based at The Chedi Oman in Muscat, channeling a delicious Orientalism with modern contemporary glamour, dine by the romantic; beachfront restaurant and lounge by the Japanese bar (adjunct to, quite possibly, the most chic prayer room anywhere in the world!) Oman had only recently opened its doors to tourism and the path the regent had taken has been one of luxury, akin , indeed, to Bhutan’s low-impact, high-value tourism. Luxury in the Empty Quarters includes elaborate Berber-like setups, luxury tents, spectacular sundowners and charismatic guides. It might be contrary to Thesiger’s ethos equating satisfaction to the amount of hardship encountered during the course of travel but we’re not complaining…. Seafaring has very much been part of the Omani traditional way of living, naturally translating into a passion for sailing in contemporary times. Urbane Nomads offers luxury sailing trips in Oman, or traditional dhow sailboat tours in Musandam. Urbane Nomads offers high-end tours of Oman, be it tracing the Frankincense trail, sailing around Oman’s coast, luxury camping expeditions in the Empty Quarters, with the Omani capital of Muscat as the staging ground. Tours are based on private departures only, with the camping expedition in the Empty Quarters necessitating a minimum of 4 pax.

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