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Luxury travel Romania
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Luxury Travel Romania

Romania is one of the emerging destinations within the luxury travel circuit. Once part of the Eastern Bloc and most synonymous with figures like Dracula and Ceausescu in the common imagination, this country is heavily underrated for its tourist attractions. The Carpathian mountains have one of the highest densities for bears, wolves and lynx in the world, making this country an excellent spot for wildlife tours. In Romania, you would be able to avail yourself of some intense horseback riding exploration in the Transylvanian forests, going over the Carpathian mountains in a fixed wing plane as well as the option of going in a glider over the same stunning scenery, a la (ugh) 50 Shades of Grey. Or go skiing in Poiana Brasov in winter, a skiing resort with an interesting social scene and a price tag to match. With 13 runs with 3 for ski jumping and 1 for special slalom and an artificial snow facility, this is one ski resort that perfectly encapsulates the Eastern European social scene over the holiday period. Special mountain biking routes can also be crafted through the forest and ending in the city of Brasov, certainly one of the prettier cities in Eastern Europe. Visit the pretty, historical town of Sighisoara, the birthplace of Dracula. Romania will surprise you with its sophistication- from incredibly well-designed packaging for the most basic things like bottled water to the range of stylish local restaurants or the savviness of hoteliers in re-modeling places ranging from stables to castles. Hotels like Viscri 125 in the sleepy town of Viscri that has shot to fame due to the patronage of Prince Charles, is one such example.The abundance of historical buildings in Romania has allowed for a delightful array of historical buildings to be converted into stylish boutique hotels. As with most emerging destinations, the prices of these luxury boutique hotels are incredibly affordable. Whilst Dracula and Bram Castle has caught on to the romantic imagination of many, in reality, Bram Castle is believed to have never had anything to do with Vlad Dracul himself. For those with an interest in Dracula, we offer a trip to the ‘real’ Dracula castle- very much away from the crowded, touristy Bram. The Transylvanian and Carpathians are something you have to experience in Romania, whether by gliding over it through the air, ¬†galloping on horseback through it, or mountain biking through the landscape.  

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