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Urbane Nomads- Finalist for the Singapore Experience Awards, Singapore Best Travel Experience Category, for our Singapore Itinerary. One of the smallest metropolises in the world (with a mere land area of about 700 kilometers squared) and a hub of knowledge and different cultures, Singapore is well-known internationally for its definitive math and science education policies, its rigorous cleanliness, its world-class airport, and its authoritative democratic system. Located practically on the equatorial belt, Singapore basks in the warmth of a tropical sun all year round, making it a distinctive city escape for those seeking to flee the chilly confines of winter in their home countries. Luxury travel in Singapore, following the government’s bid to transform the city state into a Monaco of the East, comprises of luxury hotels( and there are quite a few to choose from now, with the sprouting of design-centric boutique hotels in quaint neighbourhoods downtown to the luxury Capella hotel in Sentosa), event-related travel coinciding with the inaugural F1 race in 2008 as well as the much-hyped construction of the integrated resorts- the local moniker for the casinos being built. Ethnically composed of Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians, this potpourri of influences is perhaps most distinctive in yet another of Singapore’s best-known, best-loved aspects: Food. In a typical hawker center (an open-air conglomeration of many stalls selling a wide variety of extremely affordable, freshly-prepared food), one can enjoy the sweetly-sour Malay mee siam, bite into savory and crispy you char kuay (the closest equivalent for its name in English is “fried bread stick” or “Chinese cruller”), watch the acrobatic preparations of India roti prata (the dough is spun and flipped and whisked about in the air before being flattened and heated on a hot stove), and tuck into a plate of fish and chips, all during the same meal. As further proof of just how cosmopolitan the food culture in this tiny island state is, Brazilian, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Scandinavian restaurants, to name a few, can also be found on various streets all over Singapore. In July every year, thousands of tourists flock to Singapore to partake in the Singapore Food Festival, a celebration of the diverse elements of local cuisine. Haute cuisine in luxury restaurants are not in short supply either as Singapore has some of the most chic f&b outlets in the region. Currently home to the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, Singapore boasts some intriguing architectural gems as well, from the black and white bungalows of its colonial era to contemporary landmarks such as the elegant riverside Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay, colloquially known as the Durian* because of its unique façade. In Chinatown and Little India as well, many shophouses have been restored and either designated as heritage buildings or reincarnated as quaint apartments for sale or rent. The multi-ethnicity of the country is reflected once again in the significant numbers of crowded temples, white churches and majestic mosques, sometimes standing almost side-by-side. As for our suggested activities- we’ve decided to do away with a ride on the Singapore Eye or trips to Sentosa- activities which we’re sure you’d be perfectly fine doing on your own. Instead, we’d arranged for early morning taichi lessons in the Botanic Gardens, gastronomic tours and the height in kitsch- a day spent with a getai singer or better still, a visit to an actual getai performance should your visit so coincide with the 8th month. A luxury tour of Singapore could incorporate a luxury cruise around the waters of Sentosa, preceded by a spa treatment and/or sundowners by the Cliff restaurant, perched right by the waters of Sentosa, spectacularly positioned for one of the best sunsets in Singapore. Singapore has seen a growth in the number of luxury hotels- with the launch of the ultra-luxury Capella resort in Sentosa raising the stakes in the local luxury hospitality scene and mainstay favourites like the iconic Raffles, the Fullerton (formerly the Post Office), the lushly located Four Seasons and the business crowd at the Ritz Singapore, luxury travel , whilst not new to Singapore, is seeing a definite increase in the number of players. Perfectly positioned as a gateway to places like Bali, Urbane Nomads also offers private jet tours to Bali, Malaysian Borneo and the Andaman Islands ex-Singapore. Urbane Nomads offers customized itineraries tailored to the clients’ interests and needs. Our sample itinerary featured on this page was amongst the finalists for the Singapore Experience Awards under the Travel Category. *A love-it-or-hate-it tropical “King of Fruits” with a spiky appearance.   Photo Courtesy of Shi Heng Cheong, Sebastian Strobl & P H Yang.

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