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Based in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, hit the slopes for a spot of skiing( depending on the season), arrange for a horseriding trip on magnificent Andalusian horses and explore inspiring Alhambra. The melding of Arabic and Iberian influences and traditions makes Spain a unique European destination- steeped in the air of a mysterious culture that taps upon influences predating contemporary forces. Staying at the Hospes de Los Patos, a reconstructed 19th century palace that personifies the Andalusian experience, Andalusia is best combined with Cordoba and the main cities of Barcelona and Madrid. As an extension stay in cave houses used by the Moors as hiding places during the Reconquista. Or go back to nature in a yurt hotel (choose between the Afghani, Mongolian, Jaipur or Safari yurt), a project that, although thoroughly aesthetically-pleasing, does take its eco-credentials seriously and would entail a certain degree of ‘roughing it’. Private luxury tours of Spain designed according to the clients’ interests- from luxury gourmet tours through Basque Country, high-end trips for those already with a previous encounter of Spain- Urbane Nomads arranges for private luxury travel of Spain with specialist guides who can guide you through the magnificent pinotecas of Madrid or provide a lecture on the policy of limpieza de sangre with the erudition and flair of a learned scholar. Our knowledge and insider access of Spain continues with the cultural experiences that we offer- interactions with bullfighters, invitations to the estates of descendants of the aristocracy as well as flamenco classes in a cave once inhabited by gypsies, the latter progenitors of this art form. A comprehensive luxury trip to Spain would incorporate the cuisine of the Basque Country (at the vanguard of Spain’s culinary revolution), shopping tours of Madrid with a personal shopper, a luxurious spa retreat or a rejuvenating retreat in the Catalan countryside. A more leisurely itinerary for Spain, featuring sailing on the Costa Brava coast, surfing the Cantabrian seas or horseriding in Andalucia can also be created for the luxury adventure traveller. Urbane Nomads offers customized itineraries for Spain specific to your individual interests and needs. A luxury trip through Spain (especially of Andalucia) can be easily combined with Morocco, with a further advantage of lending an additional dimension to the history and context of Spanish Andalucia. High-end hotels and villa rentals, top guides and luxury transfers characterize a bespoke trip with Urbane Nomads.   Photo Courtesy of José A. Warletta, Mirko Delcaldo & Hawkeye.

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