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Luxury Travel Sri Lanka“Niche travel agency Urbane Nomads is offering a seven-day Sri Lanka package next month with an architectural twist. You get to stay at some of Sri Lanka’s top boutique hotels and a hotel designed by the country’s pre-eminent architect, Geoffrey Bawa. Tour Colombo and take in the preserved splendour of old cities in the Cultural Triangle, a region comprising ancient capitals such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy.”

Tan Yi Hui & Cheryl Tan, Straits Times’ Travel Concierge

Whether the Serendib of Sinbad’s lore (where the best jewels are reputedly to be found) or the Mount Meru in sacred Hindu teachings, Sri Lanka has captured the imagination of many travellers, writers and poets who have in turn had a hand in the collective immortalization of this island, consigning it, not to history in the minds of the masses but a mystical destination that has survived in contemporary times. Luxury travel in Sri Lanka has been facilitated by the various independent, luxury boutique hotels, each with its own unique aesthetic, channeling everything from the modern tropicality evinced by Bawa to a fusion of Indo-Balinese to the chic contemporary lines on the coast of Sri Lanka- has placed this island, firmly, as they say, on the Conde Nast circuit. There’s plenty of nature, culture and much in the way of interesting architecture and our tours, whilst revolving around certain themes, have been designed to capture the highlights of these elements that so embody Sri Lankan style. With the flexibility of add-ons, an architectural tour, celebrating the works of Geoffrey Bawa and staying in the most architecturally-interesting hotels, for example, can be tweaked to include a spot of horseriding by the beach or kite surfing in Tangalle. Luxury travel in Sri Lanka- a country offering so much within its compact borders is defined not only by luxury hotels but also by insider access, a keen ear to the ground that clues us into the latest happenings and events as well as a flair for combining themes and activities according to the flow of the trip. Plenty of luxury accommodation options await you in Galle, the oldest living fort in the world. Choose between luxurious boutique hotels, each with an intimation of the heritage of the area, or one of the several excellent luxury villas. Illustrious former owners or inhabitants, be they a Scottish spice merchant or an ambassador,kthe history behind these houses provides that much more added flavour to your stay in Sri Lanka. The options are dizzying and if fawning press reviews are any indication, Galle has some of the best rentals in Sri Lanka (if not the world). Whether in the Cinnamon Suite of the Sun House, described by Conde Nast traveller as ‘the most beautiful room in the world’, or 41 Lighthouse, dubbed by Tatler as ‘Sri Lanka’s sexiest villa’, there is an unfortunate urge to hotel/villa-hop while in Galle. Luxury travel to Sri Lanka could facilitate heli-transfers, a worthy (though not foolproof) travel op4ion in this compact country, the best of accommodation options that Sri Lanka has to offer and smooth, seamless modes of travel and flow of itinerary. Intimate knowledge of the country’s top accommodation options and an understanding of the country’s tourism offerings along with insider access creates for a luxurious introduction to this fabulous country. Urbane Nomads is an advocate of travel to Sri Lanka, having promoted Sri Lanka as a luxury destination of choice for luxury honeymoons, under-the-radar beach getaways and leopard safaris. Pairing insider knowledge with seamless itinerary planning and execution, Urbane Nomads offers private luxury tours of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan holidays as tailored by Urbane Nomads could include luxury camping options in remote destinations, heli-transfers as well as villa rentals.  

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