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“Increasingly, the high-end market is looking for more value-added features during their travel,” says Hajar Ali, a partner of Urbane Nomads, a high-luxury bespoke travel management company that handles destination planning from Thailand to South Africa. “It’s no longer about staying at the best hotels or flying first class but about a memorable, spectacular once-in-a-lifetime experience, except that for these people the spectacular becomes ordinary.

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Ali would know. Her company specializes in catering for more eclectic itineraries and accommodation options. “I crafted an itinerary for a traveler to Syria that combined stays in the top suites of the best (and most atmospheric) boutique hotels in the region with a practicing monastery in the Syrian hills. I also arranged for a guide in Palmyra (famous for the legend of Queen Zenobia), who was conversant in Aramaic, the ancient language spoken by Jesus Christ.”

Jessie Kok,, Amica Singapore

With the opening of Villa Moda- a chic, luxury boutique in the souq set within a converted 17th century old stable, and the opening up of several new luxury boutique hotels( read: respectful restoration of vernacular buildings rather than new, design hotels), Damascus is set to to be the new style and cultural capital of the Middle East. Luxury travel in Syria facilitates the most chic boutique hotel-conversions (possibly in the region), a knowledge of the best places around town as well as an ability to connect you with the best guides. Whilst Syria, frequently cited as an axis in the ‘junior varsity of evil’ during Bush’s era might not strike most as a typical luxury destination, probably lacking in the necessary infrastructure for the luxury traveler, we at Urbane Nomads are of the opinion that Syria presents many opportunities for the adventurous luxury traveler. Quite shut off from the rest of the world (for reasons less romantic than, say, Bhutan’s ‘Hidden Kingdom’ analogy admittedly), Syria has retained much of the charm of its history and culture, with an amazingly sophisticated take on its boutique luxury hotels. Aleppo, en route via the Taurus Express (the setting of Agatha Christie’s Murder on The Orient Express) from Istanbul used to be a glamorously exotic stopover. Walking the halls of the Hotel Baron in Aleppo provides one with an intimation of this period. The suites here are named after its glamorous habitues- Agatha Christie, Lawrence of Arabia or Kemal Ataturk (who mounted machine guns on its roof terrace during the World War). A trip through Syria with Urbane Nomads takes you through Palmyra, the Syrian end of the Silk Route and the setting of Queen Zenobia’s ambitions, revisiting Aleppo’s culture and history and possibly, an idea of why all roads lead to Damascus. Urbane Nomads believes that luxury travel is more than just about the most luxurious hotels in Syria and we sometimes take a risk by combining stays in the most luxurious suites in these hotels with an ascetic stay in a practicing monastery in the Syrian hills. As an intimation of our our insider knowledge and on-the-ground connections, Urbane Nomads is able to arrange for a private concert in a 14th century palace for travellers keen on local cultures and music, as part of a luxury private tour of Syria. Private tours to Syria are accompanied by a dedicated driver, along with activities tailored to your personal interests. Photo Courtesy of Julien Jalal Eddine Weiss.

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