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Luxury Travel Thailand “Coming in at Number 1 on Just Luxe’s Top 10 Luxury Vacation Auctions on CharityBuzz: An Amazing 8-Night Journey through Thailand with the Four Seasons Hotels & Urbane Nomads Through this 8-night trip through Thailand you will be staying at the Four Seasons Resorts in Bangkok, the iconic tented camps in the Golden Triangle, and the resorts of Chiang Mai and Koh Samui. Have a welcome dinner at the Four Seasons Bangkok’s Spice Market on your first night in Thailand. On your second day, Urbane Nomads will make arrangements for you to explore the haunting ruins of Ayutthaya, arriving early evening to receive a private blessing by a monk on the grounds of this World Heritage Site.”

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Off-limits to the foreigner for a 140 years from 1688, the Western obsession with the off-limits, unknown and hence, exotic (a precursor to the ‘Hidden Kingdom’ of Bhutan perhaps) kingdom with its distinct language, the majestic golden-domes wats and elaborate courtly traditions, Thailand was ill-equipped for tourism when its doors were finally re-opened to the world again. Luxury travel to Thailand today, whilst centred around its rich history and culture, is also very much tangential on the excellent standards of hotels and luxury resorts in Thailand. When Anna (Leonowens) began her stint as a nanny in Thailand, there was nary a hotel ‘suitable for a lady’. The Thailand of today, of course, with its dizzying array of luxury hotels and exemplary service culture, is a fine example of successful tourism promotion. Thailand- renowned for its culture, the detailed handiwork of its arts and crafts and the hospitality of its people, sets its capital in the very vibrant Bangkok.. Luxury travel in Thailand is accessible through the various luxury hotels scattered throughout its popular tourist destinations- Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the beachside resorts of Phuket. Increasingly, one finds more boutique, luxury outposts in lesser known areas like Hua Hin, Cha Am or Kui Buri. Instantly welcoming even to the South-East Asian neophyte, the hospitality, design-awareness and vibrance of the city are traits that will capture your attention from the moment you land in the airport. Chaotic, uneven streets and undiscovered meandering sois often yield surprising finds- a newly opened themed bakery, a chic chocolatier, a vendor of the finest silks or a most salubrious wellness retreat- all existing cheek by jowl with your street food vendor, construction sites and cheesy bars. It is too easy to love Bangkok and also too easy to want a break from it all. Urbane Nomads offers additional side trips for your trip to Bangkok should you want to experience Bangkok and its environs on another level. We recommend idyllic, picture-perfect getaways just two hours’ drive from the city- unimaginable, luxurious settings after the hectic liveliness of Bangkok. Should you prefer to be sheltered from the elements in Bangkok and pair a weekend of indulgent shopping and dining with wholesome, almost spiritual wellness retreats (without having to shift base from downtown Bangkok), we could probably recommend some options as well. There is a Bangkok for everybody and luxury to be experienced on many levels. The city has something new to offer no matter how many times you’ve visited it. Whether as a transitory base or as a destination unto itself, the charms of Bangkok reveals itself seductively to the visitor in many phases. While Thai cuisine is justifiably world-renowned, Bangkok is also characteristic of most cosmopolitan cities in this aspect- there is sure to be a sampling of the best of each distinctive international cuisine right in Bangkok. From sky-high restaurants to the many chic dining options in the sub-sois, Bangkok is a haven for the city lover for its myriad dining, shopping and spa options. Culinary-themed tours are commonplace- with Thailand probably being the most successful in featuring its cuisine as a mainstay tourist attraction. Urbane Nomads offers gastronomy tours through Thailand- featuring the best restaurants of Bangkok, cooking classes in its best hotels, combined with similar culinary-themed tours through Thailands’s neighbouring countries, usually Vietnam and Laos, for a well-rounded sampling of Indochinese cuisine. Spas are also another feature of Thai hospitality and the many luxury spas in Thailand- from the serious wellness retreat, Chiva-som to the rustic-luxe of the Six Senses outposts to the humble Thai massage to be found in the winding sois of its capital, the spa treatment has become a staple of the Thai experience. Any luxury trip to Thailand would feel incomplete without a sampling of what Thai spas are able to offer. A luxury trip to Thailand traditionally would incorporate Phuket- with its many, glorious beach resorts, but with the increasing numbers of design-centric boutique hotels as well as luxury chains in areas like Koh Samui and Hua Hin, people looking to venture outside Phuket can now find suitably luxurious accommodation. Urbane Nomads also offers luxury cruises to the Andaman islands and cap off their stay in Thailand with a jaunt to the remote Burmese Himalayas (possibly one of the areas least exploited for tourism in the Himalayas), staying in a resort designed by Jean Michel Gathy of Aman Resorts’ fame. Thailand also offers special interest tours- from the pachyderm polo championships in Chiang Rai in March to the equine polo in Pattaya. Urbane Nomads offers extension tours for these events- venturing into Bhutan or extension trips through Thailand, sampling some of Thailand’s best luxury resorts. Whether it be a few days spent with the elephants in the elephant sanctuary of the Anantara Chiang Rai or the exquisite Four Seasons Chiang Rai , indulging your inner kid by ziplining through trees in the forests of Chiang Mai or continuing through the Burmese end of the Golden Triangle to visit tribes who’d, in some instances not been in contact with foreign visitors for some 50 years, with some of them still using a pre-World War currency, there’re many ways of exploring Thailand that’d have the visitor coming back over and over again. Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons.

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