Luxury Travel to Papua New Guinea

ultra luxury travel Papua New Guinea
Luxury tours to Papua New Guinea

Luxury Travel Papua New Guinea

Luxury travel to Papua is all about experiencing its culture and beauty in comfort with the most specialized and knowledgeable guides. The exotic beauty and the iconic tribes of Papua New Guinea have attracted the intrepid to the tropical oceanic island and intrigued many more curious souls. Located in the eastern half of New Guinea, it boasts of diverse and beautiful landscapes mixed with unique ancient traditions. The island’s unique position on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean translates to an exceptional biome; its vegetated rainforest, crystal clear blue waters, and golden sandy beaches are home to a wealth of wild tropical birds and an abundance of marine life. Jared Diamonds intimated, “It was love at first sight”. The island’s rich culture is endowed by the tribal traditional customs and spiritual beliefs of the people. Papua New Guinea holds a special cache amongst adventurous travelers as one of the final frontiers of the unexplored. Urbane Nomads offers to show you Papua New Guinea in luxury, combining the best luxury lodges with special guides for niche interests. We work with photographers who, through their work, have developed a special rapport with the local communities, invaluable in providing you access and insight into the lifestyles of the communities. . Port Moresby, your introduction to the country, yields surprising finds with a surprisingly chic, minimalist luxury hotel that would not look out of place in any of the glossy design tomes. Venture next to another of Papua New Guinea’s most attractive destinations. The Western Highlands Province boasts a luxury lodge that stands at a majestic height at 7100 feet above sea level with a spectacular panoramic view of the Wahgi Valley, home to the region’s alpine meadows and lowland rainforests. At the top of Kum Mountains, you will experience both luxury and a cultural immersion as the local Melpa as you visit a lodge perched on the mountain’s slopes. Experience this mysterious land that is seemingly lost in time in luxury as you soak in the majestic view of Tari Valley from your lavish accommodations. The valley’s untethered nature boasts a gorgeous spectrum of rare high altitude orchids and rhododendrons, for your admiration on the exclusive and fully specialised tour. Apart from the pristine rain forest and a mass of interlocking treetops, the tour will provide an intimate encounter with the 13 species of Bird of Paradise and one might even catch a glimpse of the other 217 spectacular bird species. All these with a luxurious bent as you are accompanied by a knowledgeable local as your own birding guide. Tari is also home to the flamboyant Huli Wigmen tribe, of which you will immediately recognize with their ornate wigs. In the evening, unwind and relax at your private lodge with lush amenities and ultimate service for your every need. “River and endless green” was how Kira Salak painted an imagery of the river’s luscious beauty in the Sepik region. The East Sepik Province offers serenity as one of the most remote and immaculate destination in Papua New Guinea. The stunning landscapes are steeped in history and tradition which one can revel in the ultimate cultural experience after an exclusive jet boat ride. The villagers continue to inhabit the traditional homes, and practice the customary ceremonial dances and celebrations, honoring one with a small window to the past. On your special private tours, observe master carvers create intricate carvings on incredible masks, drums, baskets and sculptures, reflecting their animist beliefs. Here one will sample the scrumptious and delightful meal of Sago Palm prepared exclusively. End the trip with on an adventurous note at a luxury diving resort that allows you to fly in by private charter directly. Enthusiastic divers will be spoilt for choice. As a majority of the reefs remains unexplored, the diving quest will be a thrill seeking adventure for everyone.

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