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Ultra Luxury Travel Turkey

Ultra Luxury Travel Turkey

Ultra Luxury Holidays to Turkey | Luxury Travel in Turkey, Istanbul

“After a two-year, $30 million renovation, Istanbul’s Pera Palace is back on top. Built in 1892 to host passengers of the Orient-Express, the historic hotel was one of the most luxurious of its era, welcoming all kinds of royalty and celebrity guests, including Agatha Christie, who is rumored to have written “Murder on the Orient Express” at the hotel. (Room No. 411 has been preserved as the “Agatha Christie Room.”) Stay tuned for details of the hotel’s grand re-opening, slated for later this year… Buzzworthy: Visitors can now partake in a luxury eco-friendly tour of Istanbul for Christie’s inaugural Green Auction,* courtesy of the Pera Palace and Urbane Nomads, a luxury travel company.”

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Istanbul, quite the darling of international media for its exotic blend of western-style creativity with a touch of eastern decadence. With the emergence of the creative set (Turkish design is the latest byword in the modern furniture industry) comes the associated appendices- an exciting restaurant scene, hotels and clubs. Definitely the setting of some of the higlights of any luxury traveller’s itinerary to Turkey, this former Byzantine capital still embodies an intoxicating mix of East and West. Luxury holidays to Turkey, of the luxury cruise variety, complete with luxury yacht charters, high-end villas and meetings with interesting personalities, the most inventive transfers and private events- showcasing both the history and new-world luxury of Turkey, can be arranged for with our on-the-ground contacts and local know-how. The luxury holiday and cruise around Turkey is ideal for those looking to add a little history and educational element to their holiday- from ancient Lycian tombs to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (the latter in the modern-day resort town of Bodrum!). Our itinerary planners will design a cruise for you tracing the virtually untouched coastline of ancient Lycia, on the breathtaking Turkish turquoise coast. Luxury cruises on retrofitted gullets or events on yachts once gifted to Ataturk, can be similarly arranged for. Our arrangement goes beyond a luxury yacht charter and goes into the details of planning for the event itself- right down to the guest invites, entertainments, catering and photographers. True to its character, Istanbul is multi-faceted (and layered). Drinks with a friend by the Bosphorus in Istanbul had him musing about the many ‘secrets’ that Istanbul keeps- places he’s sure he doesn’t know about but is accessible only to the very rich. That is the luxury of travel in Istanbul- that it reveals itself differently to different individuals- it is a city, no doubt, of secrets, a city of mysterious harems sealed off from the rest of the world, consequently occupying the imaginations of the Occidental world. Luxury travel in Istanbul is about opening these doors, providing for insider access, knowing the best places (and bases) for which to explore this fascinating country. Much of new Turkey (in this case, particularly represented by) Istanbul is tempered by the old. In hip Nisantasi, dine in luxury at a restaurant known for reconstructing Ottoman palace cuisine, watch the famous whirling dervishes, visit the world-famous harems and re-live the intrigues that went on behind its walls. Urbane Nomads is able to arrange for weddings in Turkey, in luxurious, converted yalis by the Bosphorus- surely one of the most romantic settings in the world. Luxury accommodations in Turkey run the gamut from the world-famous prison conversion (The Four Seasons at Sultanahmet), a palace conversion (The Kempinski Ciragan Palace) to converted distilleries and cave houses- some of the most historical iconic vanguards on the luxury hotel scene possibly anywhere in the world! Those looking to end a cultural-oriented trip with a beach retreat will not be disappointed by the offerings in Bodrum- from individual luxury hotels known within the insider circuit to hip Turkish design hotels. Villa rentals for those on an extended holiday can be arranged for, together with your other travel arrangements. Urbane Nomads offers bespoke, cultural itineraries to Turkey- from small group tours led by famous designers through the markets and furniture stores of Istanbul to occasion-led group tours that begin in Istanbul, Turkey and ends with a private concert in a privately-owned castle in Aleppo. Turkey is one country that easily melds centuries-old culture with an almost insouciant contemporary flair.


A city that has seen through so many sieges and the waxing and waning of multiple civilisations is bound to have interesting stories for its visitors. In this sense, Cappadocia certainly does not disappoint. From its underground cities- winding mazes carved out of caves built by Christians to protect themselves from their enemies, old churches built in soft lava, the excellent photo opportunities that the village of Mustafapasa(Mustafapasha) presents as well as the Goreme Open Air Museum with its newly discovered, unique church. An authentic caravanserai plays host to weekly whirling dervish performances.


Hailed as the next St-Tropez a few years ago, Bodrum adds a nice dimension to your trip to Turkey. In contrast to the burgeoning creative scene and almost mystical heritage of Istanbul or the anomalies of Cappadocia hinting at the civilisations before it, Bodrum has that seemingly trusty, what-you-see-is-what you get simplicity. Against the white beaches and the blue waters of the Aegean sea, this seaside town seems almost as new-world as the celebrities it attracts. Yet, another facet reveals itself to establish an undeniable link to the rest of Turkey- here you’ll find the Mausoleum(albeit just the stump of the original mausoleum), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Artemisia’s labour of love for her brother-husband Maussollus, whose name was to forever be synonymous with over-the-top buildings meant for the edification of the famous dead. The entry of Amanruya attests to the white-hot nature of Bodrum. * Background on trip: Clients will be accompanied by Gursan Ergil, a famous eco-friendly furniture designer in Istanbul who leads visitors into the historical home of prominent political figure Fethi Okyar, which was designed in the modernist style by Sedad Hakki Eldem, Turkey’s Frank Lloyd Wright, and the private garden of influential Turkish sculptor Mehmet Aksoy. Pera Palace and Luxury Travel Company Urbane Nomads will showcase an eco-friendly luxury tour of Istanbul at Christie’s inaugural Green Auction. The choice of Istanbul as a destination has been to demonstrate how any modern metropolis can be “done” in an eco-friendly manner, as much as possible.

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