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“For the ultimate exotic Valentine, niche Singaporean travel agency Urbane Nomads is offering exclusive tailor-made retreats in Saigon, Hanoi and Mai Chau this month. Create your own dream Eastern romance from options such as re-visiting the Saigon landmarks recounted by Marguerite Duras in The Lover, wondering through the romantic city of Old Hanoi, motor biking through the Mai Chau hills by night or visiting the famed Love Market in Sapa.”

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The romance of IndoChina as well as its turbulent recent history makes Vietnam an interesting destination for travellers. Combining natural beauty, a nascent capitalism and a rich history, a journey to Vietnam is best prepared for by an understanding of the recent events of Vietnam. Much of the tourist attractions and offers in Vietnam revolve around lores- from the flamboyance and eccentricity belying Khai Dinh’s tombs to the car of the ‘Burning Monk’ on display in the museum of Hue, the karsts of Ha Long Bay forever immortalized in mainstream consciousness through Catherine Deneuve’s ‘Indochine’ or the legends of snakes appearing at full moon in isolated caves formerly the repository of arms during the Vietnam War. Luxury travel in Vietnam is associated with the most luxurious hotels the country has to offer and the most luxurious modes of transfer but is also about privileged access- Urbane Nomads is able to arrange for treks through Mai Chau Valley , yoga for groups in the aforementioned cave ‘formerly used as an arms repository’ and privileged access, which includes pre-dinner drinks at the former Ambassador’s House in Saigon or a ceremonial wedding as led by an ancestor of the ruling Nguyen family. From cocktails at former ambassadors’ residences to luxury hotel stays, the high-end travel experiences delivered bykUrbane Nomads revolve around the ne plus ultra in Indochina. Hue is the Royal City of Vietnam where the last Vietnamese Emperors, the Nguyens, held throne- forever immortalized in the last names of their Vietnamese subjects who took on the names of their rulers. Here you’ll take a boat on the Perfume River to visit the various tombs, some more colourful than others and telling of the personality of the various rulers. How Hue came to be part of Vietnam is essentially a love story- a Cham King seceded Hue to the Vietnamese in exchange for the hand of a Vietnamese princess. The regality of Hue remains till today- in its petrified ruins, the otherworldly tombs and the slower pace of life around Hue. Photo Courtesy of  Pri.cess D’Annam.

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