Pakistan | Shandur Polo

Pakistan | Shandur Polo This itinerary, scheduled to coincide with the Shandur Polo Festival takes you through the Kalash valleys, the historied town of Chitral before arriving in Shandur for the polo festival. Private departures to the Kalash Valley and Hunza are also possible for the rest of the year. You’ll be experiencing some of the most magical, small hotels, where a meditation room takes the place of a hotel gym. Driving through beautifully rugged landscapes, the sight of shy young children flitting through the trees and sleeping to the sound of fast streams- Northern Pakistan is charming and deserving of being the most likely contender as inspiration of Hilton’s Shangri-la. The heady mix of fairy whorshippers, remote legendary valleys and tribal no-rules polo can only come together in Northern Pakistan. Urbane Nomads provides the most luxurious way of making things happen in Pakistan- with accompanying chef cum guides, heli trips to the mountains as well as hunting trips.   Download PDF for Pakistan | Shandur Polo for more details on the itinerary.

Price: USD 3462

pp on double occupancy. Prices indicative only.

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