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Peru | Horseback Expedition

Peru | Horseback Expedition A trip that highlights Peru’s  sophisticated gastronomy, a tour of Lima  with a specialist guide, cocktails in a ‘museum’ normally closed off to the  public, followed by a trek (on horseback)  of an ancient trail along the Cordillera Vilcabamba, a spectacular Andean mountain range. Much less plied by tourists as compared to the Incan trail, the Salkantay (quechua for ‘Savage Mountain’) Trail, with its inspiring vistas and a sense of authenticity having been retained, has been chosen by Urbane Nomads over the more popular Inca Trail. On this equestrian journey, you will be traversing through 12 different biospheres, possibly witnessing the majestic Andean condors, partaking of a glacial swim The trip ends on a suitably luxurious note- with sundowners on a private island off Lake Titicaca, where sunsets are brilliant to a point of being surreal. A trip down the Peruvian Amazon on a luxury boat is an optional extension on this luxury trip to Peru. Download PDF for Peru | Horseback Expedition for more details on the itinerary.

Price: USD 9680

pp on double occupancy. Prices indicative only.

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