Priority Magazine, SIA | Spring 2010

The Ultimate

More recently established, Singapore-based Urbane Nomads offers bespoke travel with a focus on destinations in Asia and the Middle East. Monikered the ‘travel mixologists’, it tailors itineraries to suit all and any requirements. The company garnered recognition with its Kublai Khan experience. Touted as ‘the world’s most luxurious trip’, the experience attempts to re-create the adventures of Kublai Khan, with equestrianism, falconry and hunting in Mongolia. With a price tag of US$2 million, tour guides included the likes of film-makers, the likes of Joseph Spaid, and the eagle hunters of Bayan Olgii. The package also includes memoirs at the end of the trip in the form of an oil painting by a famous artist and falconer. This year’s jaw-dropping adventure is the Dive the Wall trip. Most people consider themselves lucky if they get to walk on the Great Wall of China. A select few might view it from the air, but only the elite adventurer gets to dive the Great Wall. “Scuba sherpas suit you up, take you to the exact spot where the wall dips underwater and guide you to its most dive-worthy parts. Once submerged, you’ll come across a few Ming-era stone carvings, some intricate tunnels and a tight-squeeze guard tower.” This day is concluded with dinner in a restaurant overlooking the moat of the Forbidden City and a night spent at the trendy Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski.

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