SC Magazine October 2008

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SC Global’s Magazine

SC Magazine, a publication of real estate developer SC Global Oct/Dec 2008

New Fun Seekers

Calling themselves the ‘travel mixologists’, Urbane Nomads allows (and even encourages) clients to tweak itineraries in line with their own interests. The new Singapore-based travel agency caters to a new breed of savvy, well-travelled, restless individuals. It promises to take you down the road less well-travelled, minus the difficulties of getting there.

Its idea of snowboarding and fantastic apres-ski coincides with a spell on the mountains of Faraya Mzaar, Lebanon. Come July next year, it’s organizing a trip to Pakistan to witness a no-rules polo match on what is known to be the highest polo grounds in the world. And for those who want an idyllic getaway, Urbane Nomads also scours the world for the most romantic spots that promise to be destinations unto themselves.