The Straits Times, Life! | March 15th 2011

Urbane Nomads’ Great Wall of China Dive, part of an 11-day tour. Highlights: For the diving enthusiast, the Panjiakou section of the Great Wall was submerged when the government flooded and dammed the area to provide a reservoir of drinking water for the nearby cities of Tianjin and Tangshan. Now, visitors can dive 35m down the greenish water to view the section of the Great Wall to see treasures such as a Ming-era stone carving and a guard tower. On land, they will visit Chonghua Gong, a palace in the Forbidden City usually closed to the public. Guided by conservationists, they will find out how Emperor Qianlong, fourth ruler of the Qing Dynasty, used the palace to entertain friends over poems and tea banquets. Price: USD 2,500 a person, inclusive of accommodation, selected meals, dives and tours. Requires a minimum of 8 to travel. To book: Call Urbane Nomads on 67288614.

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