The Tech, MIT | December 8 2009

Interview: Immersion Not Optional. Urbane Nomads brings fantasy and culture to life.

– Nina Sinatra What is an “urbane nomad?” Ask Hajar Ali. As founder of the Singapore-based luxury travel firm, she specializes in crafting the breathtaking and exotic into incredible getaways for her clients. Price tag aside, Urbane Nomads is the premier architect to transform any dream journey into a reality. Of course, the company does cater to those with a more unique getaway in mind. Ever wanted to explore sunken portions of the Great Wall of China by SCUBA? How about heli-skiing down Everest or taking an elephant-back safari in Nepal? Wherever your global passion lies, it is entirely possible that Urbane Nomads can help you can find it. Yet why is Urbane Nomads refreshing as a travel bureau? Carefully designed itineraries are ostensibly focused on allowing guests to experience the pure beauty and culture of a host country. Rather than sightseeing only around the hotel pool and spa, Urbane Nomads encourages guests to get a taste of the local culture. Private city and museum tours, tastings at the finest and most exotic restaurants, and time spent perusing village streets and busy city markets convey the spirit of each culture in an unadulterated form. Ali and her co-workers allow guests to experience a country not as an observer, but as a participant. PDF

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